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“Telebu Communications was the first one to introduce unlimited conferencing plans in India.”-Kaveri Reddy, VP, Business Development & Operations, Telebu

Kaveri Reddy, VP, Business Development & Operations, Telebu

Nisha Harshwal:- How is Telebu looking at its Indian operations? What are the top most priorities here?

Kaveri Reddy :-India Operations. The current India client base of 3000+. Our plan is to add more DIY Cloud-based communication solutions to our existing suite of products, which is a natural progression for our customers.

Following are the top most priorities

  • To create a unified cloud-based communications product suite

  • To focus on the enterprise communication domain and use innovation to make products that simplify traditionally wooden processes and make them more DIY and user-friendly

  • To leverage existing customer base by developing products that function in the same way and create opportunities to cross sell such products

    Nisha Harshwal:- How is Telebu could introduce products with low price?

Kaveri Reddy :-We have 15 years of domain experience, and we have strategic tie-ups to all major telecom providers. This along with our buying power, ensures that we can offer attractive prices for our end-users, and resellers. Our dedicated leased lines from major telcos, allow end-users to increase or decrease the scale of the operations on the go. Our experiences have helped us be flexible with pricing strategies to save our end-customers more money. Telebu Communications was the first one to introduce unlimited conferencing plans in India.

Nisha Harshwal:- What is your upcoming partners for India?

Kaveri Reddy :-

  • Shashank Voice

  • Farha Communications

  • Hasini Groups

  • BokyaSoftech

Nisha Harshwal:- How many channel partners are working with Telebu at present?

Kaveri Reddy :-CompuageInfocom, Flying Media, Nunna IT Solutions, Bodhtree, SudhaAnalytics

Nisha Harshwal:- Please tell us about your channel strategies and service network.

Kaveri Reddy :-As a company, we create products that are by principle industry-agnostic. Instead, we focus on helping SMEs and Enterprise level players find the most efficient communication channels available to them, while helping startups also understand the value of efficient enterprise communication.

For our marquee product grptalk, our target audience is any group of 3 more people who want to or have the potential to expedite business decisions using conference calling. With grptalk, we have found quite a bit of success in the BFSI and Education Sectors.

Our channel strategy is designed for partners to grow with us through co-marketing, co-selling, and enablement. We are committed to ensuring every business Executive or account Manager has at least one channel partner on board. Ideally, our partners should have B2B experience.

While the end-users are happy with the DIY approach towards the product, IT and procurement practices continue to remain traditionally-oriented. Our focused-approach towards channel partners will help such partners adopt our products faster, and create more opportunities for co-selling, and co-marketing.

We are not a single-product company and this helps us cross-sell other related products to existing customers. Our cloud-based product suite works on most devices, which makes scaling operations up extremely straightforward.

We also look for strategic tie ups with ITES partners / IT resellers/ Enterprise Telecom Partners

Service Network

Recently, we tied up with Compuage, and we created a fully-transparent service portal for Compuage and Telebu to view, manage, and edit service requests, while providing a single-view dashboard about the progress, and streamlined user services. .

Since we have in-house sales teams across locations, we can support our channel partners in terms of product training. customer and technical support.

Our multi-faceted approach to channel partners and channel partnerships has helped us in creating an environment that promises the farthest reach in terms of product recognition.

 Q).What is the new challenges that you face in relation to the Indian market?

Kaveri Reddy :-

  • Customers who aren’t ready to adopt cloud-based conference calling solutions and instead focusing on soon to be obsolete conferencing equipment or inefficient solutions that don’t save businesses time or money.