: India’s first portal on technical skills – IT Voice | Online IT Media : India’s first portal on technical skills launches Free Online Assessment Papers, e learning and Jobs posting on more than 500+ Technical Skills in IT, Telecom and portal, is a newest and most comprehensive portal on technical skills which was started in Noida in November 2014.

TechnoPartner2Payush Gupta, an IIT alumni and also founder of the portal says, “the objective of this portal is to provide uniquely designed online technical content to all students and job seekers to enhance their employability. The other main objective of this portal is to provide online technical courses for the youth in the rural areas on commonly used tools and technologies like: Desktop, Laptop, Mobile, TV, AC Repair and Telecom Infrastructure installation & maintenance, to achieve inclusive growth. offers uniquely designed online Test Papers to help students and job seekers assess their technical skill and identify their training needs accordingly. These online assessment papers are categorised into: Fresher, Basic, Intermediate and Expert also provides easy and simple e Tutorials to help students Hiring good employees can be challenging for a company. Finding a candidate with the right skills can become an exhausting exercise example – candidates generally mention too many skills on their resume along with their main skill. When the corporates search on job portals for a particular skill then the search result may show many irrelevant resumes due to a large number of skills mentioned by the candidates along with their main skill. This leads to huge can provide a quick solution to this problem, where on a click of a drop down menu, corporate can find the right skill candidates who are already vetted by a is also going to launch its premium service –“ Verified Resume Service” to help corporations achieve faster turnaround time during their hiring process

o Candidate Main Skills Assessment – Verified

o Candidate Job change Interest – Verified

o Candidate Documents – Verified also offers a wonderful platform to freelancers, consultants and trainers who are looking for a brighter avenues in their career.