October 20, 2020

Technological Advancements In Germany Consumer Lending Market- Ken Research

Germany  is the fourth-largest economy in the world and the country’s economy is developed on the concept of the social market economy. The German government’s universal education policy displays the highest literacy rate with educated people good at handling numbers, more engineers, chemist, opticians, skilled factory workers and managers, knowledgeable farmers and skilled military personnel which boost financial system of the country. The secured economy in Germany motivated consumer lending in 2016. Introduction of consumer lending helped overall consumer lending sector to record strong growth in terms of gross lending.Less of unemployment resulted in gross income for majority of the consumers. The positive consumer confidence led to increase in consumer lending. A double-digit growth rate was registered with consumer lending for mortgages and home loans. Online banking facility helped the consumers to compare the lending facility with other banks and accept loans instantly.
According to Ken Research The Lower mortgage interest rates helped the consumers for an early payoff and this trend fueled the stable economic situation and low unemployment. Consumer lending in Germany is projected to record a short-term massive growth with its low interest rates.
However, the long-term goals of consumer lending are depressing with the rise in interest rates and increase in ageing population.The stable economy in Germany increased consumer creditwhich helped overall consumer
lending to record enormous growth in terms of lending. In the year 2016, Germans financed almost everything with a loan and the growth was registered across all consumer lending categories.The consumer lending growth is the most promising growth with an average annual growth rate of 95%.The key driving factors that reshaped the Germany consumer lending market are changes in economic conditions, development of new technological solutions, the growth and acceptance of online lending.
According to Ken Research The financial industry witnessed crisis that led to improvement in the banking sector. Digitalization led to cost reduction and improved customer targets. Financial sector developed additional regulations to ensure consumers are adequately protected which is more important now-a- days. The consumer credit will reach the highest levels and banks will
continue to grow in mortgage-lending as house prices will rise and write-off risk will decrease. This is a good sign of healthy recovery; while business lending will reach new heights.