TechDay Engages CXOs in Ahmedabad on Data Center Optimization

A premium CIO magazine organized-“Enterprise IT TechDay”, powered by APC by Schneider Electric. The event in its first phase was held at Hotel Hyatt, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad on September 19, 2018. The event was an initiative to engage leading business minds and stakeholders with a Knowledge Forum on Datacenter, Micro Datacenter and Edge Computing.

In lieu of the growing customer data for Indian businesses deploying third platform technologies and connected devices, this was a series of events focusing mainly on absolute knowledge forum for businesses to understand the need for Datacenter and Micro Datacenter optimization of an organization. Enterprise IT TechDay took place in order to accommodate the future technologies and solutions including Internet of Things, Edge Computing, Artificial Intelligence and many more.

‘Infrastructure Optimization to Accommodate New Age Workloads’ made up as the main theme for the event. The knowledge forums helped the audiences understand the process to churn valuable customer data to get insights in order to help better business decision making. The event in its initial phase is supposed to take place in a number of cities as well.

The TechDay events engaged the audiences in Panel Discussions and open forums to learn and let learn about future trends in IT, Datacenter, Micro Datacenter, IOT, Edge Computing, AI, BI, etc.

The topics covered during the event included; Changing workloads and applications on the edge, the current state of DC infrastructure in Indian business landscape, the need for micro-datacentre at the organization’s edge and the approach of IT Heads and CIOs on choosing the right approach to DC optimization.

“With a surge in digitization, our world is increasingly opening up to more robust efficiency solutions across data centers. Moreover, the proliferation of data and its criticality to businesses has given rise to edge computing solutions and other related technology requirements-the CIO has come centerstage in this new scenario where technology is directly impacting the bottom line. Schneider Electric is happy to be part of a platform which is helping facilitate a dialogue on these scenarios.” quoted, Venkatraman Swaminathan, Vice president, IT Division, Schneider Electric-India.

The event witnessed the presence of a series of speakers from reputed organizations including Deloitte, Sintex, Sonata Finance and many more, who came forward to enlighten the audiences on topics including the current scenario of IT organisations, the factors which drive these changes, the data centre optimization scenario. The event also concluded on various verticals discussing the areas where businesses today require real-time decision making, DC related queries which may hamper CIO’s in near future.

Some of the top CIOs and IT Leaders in attendance included Mr. Sandip Shah, Risk Advisory (Cyber), Deloitte; Mr. Ashok Kannan, Vice President IT, Sintex Industries; Mr. Paresh Goswami, Head IT, Chiripal Group; etc.

The events were carried out to provide as an ideal platform for all CIO, CTO, IT Head, IT manager or IT decision makers who are responsible for their internal IT consumption to come and engage with like-minded peers and discuss their challenges and gain a better technology perspective.

This event was concluded by Sanjay Mohapatra, Editor who gave away the vote of thanks. He concluded by saying “It was a matter of pride to see the large amount of CIOs and IT Leaders that formed a part of the event. The event was designed to address and to understand the need for Datacenter and Micro Datacenter optimization of an organization today and reinforce the infrastructure and domain knowledge through insightful tech talks and panel discussions featuring renowned Enterprise CIOs and IT Leader.”