Tech Mahindra Bags Aircel’s Internet of Things contract

Aircel said it has partnered with the IT firm to roll out a IoTdetailed set of Internet of Things (IoT) service offerings. However, no financial details were disclosed.

The IoT is a new innovation and can be described as a network of inter-connected devices that can be accessed with the help of internet.

For example, with IoT, street lights in the cities will automatically turn off when they sense no traffic plying on the roads. It will consequently save power.

Another application of IoT could be a smart band. It will alert a physician automatically when it senses body vitals start behaving abnormally.

In the IoT space, Aircel intends to launch vertical specific solutions. The company will cater to requirements for vertical market segments like connected vehicle, smart energy and smart city among others.

This will assist enterprise customers with the ability to predict consumer behaviour and trends, enhance agility and flexibility, improve customer experience, increase safety and access to additional revenue streams.

Around the world, Machine-to-machine (M2M) and IoT are enabling business transformation and in the Indian market, it is expected to see an unprecedented growth, said Suren Amarasekera Aircel chief enterprise officer.

Innovative technologies, is the need of the hour as they can help digital enterprises and in turn transform the way organizations operate not only in India but world wide, he said.

It appears that through a comprehensive suite of M2M and IoT services, Tech Mahindra and Aeris and Aircel are well poised to deliver on near future.