Tech Firms to Possibly Face Bans For not following Regulations

Tech firms’ services can be barred from the European market if they don’t follow the EU’s regulations. The industry chief of the EU will state the latest draft rules or otherwise known as the Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act together with the Competition Commissioner of Europe on 2nd December 2020.

The rules will set a list of do’s and don’ts for online companies with market power and it will force them to share information with rivals and regulators and not to endorse their services and products unethically.

The new draft rules arrive as critics of the tech giants of the United States, which involve companies and industry bodies, question the European Union’s rulings against Google as they have said that they have not curbed its supposedly anti-competitive behavior. Some of them want EU enforcers to go further than just ordering big firms to stop such practices. The draft rules will let the EU ban businesses or part of their services from the twenty-seven nations bloc as an extreme option.



Until the draft rules are adopted, EU antitrust and digital regulators don’t presently have the power to levy such bans. The industry chief said that for this, they need the suitable arsenal of probable measures which are to Impose fines, exclude firms or parts of their services from the Single Market, assert that they split up whether they want to keep access to the Single Market or an amalgamation of all of these.

He has further added that these sanctions will just apply to firms that don’t respect the EU’s rules and that the hardest measures will just be used in special conditions. In a sign of how much tech firms fear the latest regulation, Google unit previous month introduced a 60-day strategy to get United States allies to push back against the European Union’s digital chief.

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