TCS will launch its Quantum Computing Lab on Amazon Web Services

Tata Group’s IT branch, the Tata Consultancy Services has launched a quantum computing lab on the Amazon platform thanks to a partnership between the two companies.

Among the most promising technologies today, according to experts, is quantum computing, which is still in its nascent stages. The software major believes that quantum computing has the capability to rapidly help address issues that are too complex for classical computers to handle.

According to Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), the TCS Quantum Computing Lab on AWS (Amazon Web Services) will assist businesses in creating and testing business solutions and speed up the adoption of quantum computing.

“Our customers can jumpstart their quantum computing journey by taking advantage of the investments TCS has made in this powerful technology, backed by our strong partnership with AWS,” said Krishna Mohan, Global Head, AWS Business Unit, TCS, said in a release.

TCS said in a release that it has been funding quantum computing research for more than four years, which has already led to the filing of two patent applications and advancements in artificial intelligence, optimization, cryptography, and digital security.

To address business difficulties that defy the capabilities of conventional technologies, the company will work with customers to research and co-create novel use cases of quantum computing, according to TCS.

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