Tata Technologies partners with Stratasys to bolster the Indian manufacturing ecosystem with advanced additive manufacturing technologies.

Tata Technologies, a leading global engineering, and product development digital services company, today announced that it has partnered with Stratasys, a global leader in additive manufacturing / 3D printing technology to corroborate the Indian manufacturing ecosystem with advanced additive manufacturing technologies.

The manufacturing sector in India has been fraught with various challenges to meet the contemporary needs of end users, which include higher precision, faster time-to-market, mass product customization and automation. Organizations have thus focused on leveraging new technologies such as rapid prototyping and 3D printing via computer-aided design software using a range of raw materials such as plastic, thermoplastic, metal, fibre, resin and ceramic to produce sophisticated designs at minimal costs and lower raw material usage.

This partnership will combine complete capabilities and offerings of Stratasys’ in the polymer space in terms of products designed to yield functional prototypes in multi-color, machines best suited for manufacturing tooling components, systems focused on mass production applications along with deep manufacturing domain knowledge and robust presence of Tata Technologies in the manufacturing sector to deliver end-to-end solutions from concept to prototyping to manufacturing companies based out of India.

Mr. Anand Bhade, President & Global Head of Technology Solutions, Tata Technologies, said, “As manufacturing companies focus on enhancing their competitiveness in the new reality, disruptive technologies like additive manufacturing will provide them the necessary impetus to develop and deliver better products to its customers. We are happy to collaborate with Stratasys and offer world-class 3D printing technologies to the Indian manufacturing industry to help it become more competitive.”

Mr. Rajiv Bajaj, MD, Stratasys India and SEA, said, “As companies look for technology solutions to address vulnerabilities in manufacturing and supply chain logistics, additive manufacturing will play a far bigger role in product innovation going forward. Our partnership with Tata Technologies further strengthens Stratasys’ commitment to drive additive manufacturing adoption in the Indian industry. We welcome Tata Technologies, one of the most trusted brands in India, to our ecosystem and are confident that this partnership will accelerate technological transformation in Indian industry and academia with best-in-class Stratasys technology.”

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