Tata Power Adds 85000 Plus Low-End Consumers In Less Than A Year In Mumbai

imagesTata Power, India’s largest integrated power utility strengthened its customer base in Mumbai by adding more than 85000 consumers since August 2012 to June 2013. The Company is currently the fastest growing power utility in the city of Mumbai and believes that they can achieve success by providing the best customer service possible.

Tata Power had a consumer base of 26,000 direct consumers prior to its retail expansion in Mumbai which commenced from November 2009 onwards. Today the company is growing at a rapid pace at which the consumer base has moved from 26,000 to 4.1 lakhs in less than 4 years.

Tata Power has changed over 85000 consumers using less than 300 units since August 2012 resulting in an addition of around 8000 to 9000 consumers per month. The growth rate has doubled from 4000 to 5000 consumers per month prior to August last year. This feat has been achieved through special camps organized by Tata Power in clusters indicated by MERC. Tata Power continues to organise week end camps regularly for the exact same purpose.

The Company has also done steady network expansion within the city with a focus on 11 clusters post receiving permission from MERC on 22nd August 2012 after around ten years of limited or no permissions. The Company has faced various challenges in laying its network such as delayed network laying/road-cutting permissions, non-availability of spaces for last mile connectivity, etc. Moreover, there has been a normal Mumbai issue of fair weather of seven months working due to monsoon. Taking these issues into consideration, Tata Power has been successful in adding more than 270 km of cable network and has secured a capex approval of approximately Rs 1000 crore from MERC to expand the network. It is poised to gather momentum in coming months after monsoon season ends in September 2013.

Apart from this, Tata Power is supporting its increasing customer base by enhancing customer service efforts in the city. The Company already has 25 Customer Relations Centres across the city. These centers aim to facilitate prompt and easy payment of electricity bills and also accommodate those people wanting to switch to Tata Power as their preferred power supplier. They are strategically located and are built on the values of trust, care, energy, excellence and elegance – five values embedded in the “architecture of care” philosophy for the creation and functioning of the centres. With prompt attention to customer queries and a friendly atmosphere, the centres intend to deliver a whole new experience to the consumers.