February 28, 2021

Tata Communications launches solution for voice offerings

Tata Communications on Monday launched a suite of managed services that will help mobile operators to run their voice calls in a more efficient and profitable manner.smartphone-work-635

Voice Business Apps, a suite of hosted tools and managed services, offer a range of services from back office functions to routing and monitoring.

“With slow growth and strong margin pressure, many voice providers are finding it harder than ever to run a profitable international voice business. Our Voice Business Apps offering can reduce operating expenses and increase efficiency,” Tata Communications President (Global Voice Solutions) Michel Guyot said in a statement.

Tata Communications said voice usage volumes for mobile operators has been growing year on year with international wholesale traffic volumes set to reach 349 billion minutes in 2016.

However, in the same period net wholesale revenues for carrying international voice traffic will decline to $ 2.9 billion as a result of continued downward pressure on prices.

The company said the apps, which are available on-demand, at no capex, are built on the same capabilities which it uses to terminate over a billion minutes of traffic a week with the best possible balance of cost and quality for its customers.

“The apps suite delivers more visibility for Tata Communications’ customers voice business – from traffic volumes and margins, to credit risks and potential instances of fraud. The result is better information and more control to optimise their voice business for profit,” it added.

Tata Communications has 19 percent market share in international wholesale voice minutes.

Source-Times of india