“Tally products are engineered to be differentiated by the ‘experiential aspects’ or NFRs like Tally’s benchmark NFRs of Speed, Flexibility, Reliability and Simplicity.”-Mr. Harsha Kodnad, Director- Technology, Tally Solutions

Mr. Harsha Kodnad, Director- Technology, Tally Solutions image

Nisha Harshwal:-What new Technologies shall Tally be working on for 2019, for its software? 

Mr. Harsha Kodnad :-At Tally, we believe in delivering simple yet powerful business products while internally building the required technology. Our aim is to make software that simplifies the life of our users and assist them in managing their daily business operations with ease. We are currently working on technologies that will assist the GST taxpayers in uploading of invoices and returns to GST systems and ability to close real-time reconciliation of data across GSTN systems and the books in the customer premise. This with the promise of security and privacy of the customer’s data that travels over the cloud. Giving customers delightful online connected experiences – responsiveness, automatic download and application of processing status, handling various practical exceptions in connected systems and allow remedies and recovery that allows business continuity.

Our technology at on-premise software as well as cloud, will help customer to have ‘Single view’ of data on their books and 3rd party systems and provide seamless exchange of data and reconciliation. The technology of Tally is being designed to provide ‘Responsiveness’, Speed and Reliability of connected operations. For e.g. we handle asynchronous API integration of GSTN (upload which provides an acknowledgement and with an SLA ask for status of upload) by providing a single click ‘Upload’ and taking care of fetching the required status and updating the user’s data.

We have full stack technology built on premise and cloud. Premise we have Object Oriented Database, User experience platform that allows customization, powerful integration and exchange platform that allows integration of any format and protocol. On the cloud side, again we built full-stack technology (upward from OS), from developing our own ‘lock-free’ data structures, memory manager, secure communication protocol to application hosting platform where various services (like GST Integration) are delivered.

This cloud technology built by us allows us to provide NFRs (Non-functional requirements), which are always constrained when a ready-to-use technology stack / open stacks are used. On the premise, this full-stack technology provides customers ‘full control’, without needing additional components from other vendors. As we say, “The Tally is fully ours. When you buy it is fully yours!”

Nisha Harshwal:-What new additions are you doing to your software for new age consumers? 

Mr. Harsha Kodnad :-With the context from the previous response, the new age consumers and also evolving connectivity and electronic integration of systems, Tally provides a seamless experience of connected experiences while the complete data of business being on his premise. Tally has been believer of ‘On-Premise’ first software, which allows a seamless experience, responsiveness and custody of data in customer’s hand, while taking advantage of connectivity to provide required integration with 3rd party software such as GSTN. This provides a good blend of the power and control of premise software with the advantage of cloud.

The technology that we are building allows us to deliver seamless experience of connectivity with various people and systems. Starting from GSTN, integrating with E-Waybill systems, Banking systems and so on.

Nisha Harshwal:-What are the key features that differentiates Tally software from others?

Mr. Harsha Kodnad :-Tally product over the decades are engineered to be differentiated by the ‘experiential aspects’ or NFRs like Tally’s benchmark NFRs of Speed, Flexibility, Reliability and Simplicity, that allows seamless implementation and usage of our product. Taking this further with connected experience which is coming in our upcoming product, our technology is designed to handle various exception of connectivity and provide you a simple and reliable experience. As an example, when there is no connectivity, you don’t get to see a “No Internet” message and allowed to Play a Dyno T-Rex game (Google Chrome), or when you have a service outage, you don’t get to see ‘404 Page not found’ error. But you will be provided alternatives to use connectivity available in any other LAN machines, or use a hotspot from your phone or even as a worst case to ‘Export Data’ to a file to upload via GSTN portal somewhere else – Always providing remedy and alternative for business continuity.

Nisha Harshwal:-Brief us on the recent launches and its adoption in the Industry? 

Mr. Harsha Kodnad :-The recent major release launched was Tally.ERP9 Release 6. Over two years, we have made required releases to reflect changes in the law / GST evolution. We have seen an adoption of nearly 2 million businesses who moved to our GST enabled Release 6. In fact, when the Release 6 was launched post the announcement of GST, we have seen a ‘biggest adoption in the history’ in which more than a million of our customers from multiple earlier releases of Tally products, have moved to the latest release 6 in a span of few weeks!

Nisha Harshwal:-Brief us on the R&D & Infrastructure for Technology?

Mr. Harsha Kodnad :-We have been continuously innovating and building technologies across the stack for our customers. Tally is unique in building ‘Layered Architecture’ which provides maximization of impact of various NFRs. We have required infrastructure and expert teams who build Object Oriented Database to Memory manager to lock free data structure to building our own secure communication protocol over TCP layer basically, across the premise and cloud stack. Having these technology helps us be on the cutting edge when it is about providing experience. Our Design approach starts with customer experience and acts as a constraint to build right technology than a ready-to-use technology stack playing constraint on the experience that can be provided.