“Taiwan Excellence provides a wide range of products from the gaming industry.”- Mr.Alex Pen, Director, TAITRA

Mr.Alex Pen, Director, TAITRA

IT Voice:-What is Taiwan Excellence Awards and how will its products add value in our lives?

Mr.Alex Pen:-Taiwan Excellence Awards is a platform that encourages and aids in the identification of world-class products. Each year, the platform assesses eligible Taiwanese brands and products on four major aspects namely – ‘R&D’, ‘Design’, ‘Quality’, and ‘Marketing’ to recognize outstanding products. Following a rigorous and stringent selection system, selected products seek to offer ‘Innovative value’ and serve as an example in the international market of the excellence of Taiwanese businesses. It has received significant recognition from all over the world for numerous innovative technological products that include a catalogue of products; for gamers, creators, families, students and professionals. It has continuously issued products that have the potential to dramatically improve people’s work and everyday lives – not just in Taiwan, but globally.  

IT Voice:-What is the meaning behind the Excellence mark?

Mr.Alex Pen:-Taiwan Excellence Awards is a platform where each year, eligible brands are subjected to a rigorous and stringent selection system, covering four major aspects of ‘R&D,’ ‘Design’, ‘Quality’ and ‘Marketing’ to identify outstanding products. With an aim to offer ‘Innovative Value’ while satisfying the key criteria of ‘Made in Taiwan’; products selected for the Taiwan Excellence Awards serve as an example in the international market in an effort to shape the creative image for Taiwanese businesses. The selection of the Taiwan Excellence Awards comprises two phases; the first phase involves the on-spot evaluation and selection of winning entries for the Taiwan Excellence Awards by the panelists. The second phase involves the participation of international panelists to jointly determine the winning entries for the “Taiwan Excellence Gold Award” and “Taiwan Excellence Silver Award” – the most prestigious award for exceptional products that will represent Taiwan.

The Taiwan Excellence mark has established itself as a sign of trust which showcases products that offer innovative values, and is renowned in the international market for the excellence and quality that are associated with the mark. The products have an approximate 26 iterations and the mark of Taiwan Excellence has become a common brand for Taiwanese products in the international trade market. Products that receive the “Taiwan Excellence Award” are authorised by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) to use the “Taiwan Excellence” mark. The “Taiwan Excellence Mark” is made up of six interwoven curves, and the overall design is inspired by the spirit of “fulfilment” in traditional Taiwanese culture.

IT Voice:-What kind of marketing strategy do you use?

Mr.Alex Pen:-Taiwan Excellence is not a product selling entity. We are a mark of excellence with 300 odd brands and thousands of their products under our umbrella. Naturally, our marketing strategy is not like any other brand. We execute image enhancement strategy, rather than regular promotions. We identify opportunities where we can build a relationship with India, its people and places.

This year associated with the reputed Vibrant Gujarat platform and showcased an outstanding range of our most innovative and latest technology at its pavilion. Taiwan is already known for its technology and Vibrant Gujarat provided it with an excellent chance to leverage its expertise for the development of Gujarat. This was the first time Taiwan Excellence reiterated its eagerness to join hands with Gujarat-based companies and work in close tandem with the Gujarat government to make the most of the conducive business environment in the state.  Not only did we market ourselves in Gujarat but in Mumbai as well with Malhar to connect with the youths of India.. As it is one of Mumbai’s oldest and most iconic college fests that witnesses youth from across colleges, they offered a wide range of events and performances, as well. Along with this Taiwan Excellence comes ahead of Taiwan Excellence’s landmark annual gaming event Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup (TEGC) across six cities including Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata.  TEGC has been witnessing a rising popularity graph. A specific target audience awaits for it eagerly every year.  The participation in the event is increasing. Our brand partners are key stakeholders in this event.

IT Voice:-How can the Taiwan Excellence products help improve automation in the various sectors?

Mr.Alex Pen:-Taiwan Excellence offers product that are smart and improves our lifestyle on the daily basis. They offer a wide-range of products which are IoT solutions for homes and offices, smart healthcare equipment for humans as well as animals, machines for MNC, lifestyle enhancement appliances and ICT products. Such innovative products and services were introduced in India for the first time, underscoring Taiwan Excellence’s commitment to provide India the best in world class services.

IT Voice:-What technology has Taiwan Excellence brought in India?

Mr.Alex Pen:-In recent years India’s economic growth has been rapid, with the Indian government promoting “Made in India,” “Digital India,” “Entrepreneurial India,” “Smart Cities Mission” and other policies. The economy continues to grow more than 7% a year, coupled with 1.3 billion population dividends, abundant ICT software talents, and other advantages, making India a key market for global corporate layout. By many measures, India is well on its way to becoming a digitally advanced country. Propelled by the falling cost and rising availability of smartphones, high-speed connectivity, and much more technology than ever India is already home to one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing bases of digital consumers and is digitizing faster than many mature and emerging economies. Taiwan Excellence provides a wide range of products from the gaming industry to the home appliances, mentioning some are Adata, Edimax, Bubbling Plus, Acer, Asus, Accton, Edgecore, D-Link, Transcend, Saeko Taiwan and many more.