August 8, 2020

TAG –The GPS Locator Beacon to be Launched in India by Jaarwis Technology

Jaarwis Technology, a global technology company, has announced to launch a unique multi-purpose device in 2Q2015–TAG- The GPS Locator Beacon.
TAG is a smart and personalized portable embedded device, GSM, Bluetooth low energy (BLE) and WiFi enabled. The device tracks globally and has powerful advanced features such as geo-fencing zones, alerts, motion detection and gesture recognition.

The Company has announced that this v1.0 product is a GPS-based, small form factor wearable device with 2-way communication capabilities that can be used to trigger commands. TAG is complemented with a mobile app where it can be easily configured for various purposes and parameters.

The technology and design of TAG is unique in that it is built on a modular platform that allows it to be expanded and configured for various specific requirements and situations. For example, tracking and geo-fencing with alerts can be designed for the elderly, those with dementia or young kids to help prevent unintentional wandering. As further add-ons, it can be expanded to have a temperature sensor to monitor fever, or accelerometer sensor to monitor sudden movement (a fall), or gesture control ability to trigger alarm and assistance. TAG is therefore a personalised locator beacon which takes care of what matters to people the most.

The product model also offers some unmatched advanced features like panic button, GSM global cellular coverage, motion detection, gesture recognition, mobile app linkages etc, which offers unparalleled features in a mini device.

TAG sports a global GSM coverage provided by a global telco, WiFi and BLE. The personalized device measures approximately 3 x 3 x 1 cm. It packs a 300mAh rechargeable lithium ion standard battery. The TAG will be available in India in multiple colors and casing options.

Commenting on the launch, Kuldeep Bhayana, Managing Director & Co Founder, Jaarwis Technology said “With the launch of TAG, Jaarwis Technology is offering a new dimension to GPS locator beacons; whereby the product has morphed into a powerful multi tasking tracking device. It has an innovative and aesthetic form factor and look while meeting the needs and requirements of the customers.”

TAG –The GPS locator beacon will be available in second quarter of 2015.