TAG 400 Headset for Gamers and Music Adorer

TAG LogoTechnology and Gadgets, one of the leading distributor and leading player in accessories and peripherals with its own brand ‘TAG’, has launched TAG 400 Headset with microphone. The new headset TAG 400 will provide ultimate comfort and high quality audio output. This is specially designed for gamers and music adorers.

TAG 400 headset is elegantly structured to the shape of ears for the comfort of users. The headset has 40mm handmade driver unit with frequency response of 12-22000 Hz. Omni directional digital microphone on TAG 400 offers better frequency response, sensitivity. With 2 meter cord and approx 200gms weight, headset stimulates 360-degree surround sound experience while playing games, listening music.

Technical Specifications


Frequency Response   :               12-22 000Hz

Impedance                        :               32 Ohms

Sensitivity                         :               108 dB

Cable                                   :               2.0m

Connectors                       :               3.5mm


Frequency Response         :               75-16. 000Hz

Pick up Pattern                    :                Omni Directional

Sensitivity                              :               -42dB ± 2dB

Impedance                           :               ≤2.2k

Mr Vikas Gupta, CEO and Founder at Technology and Gadgets (TAG), said “TAG 400 headset provides its users unrivaled sound quality and comfort for playing music and enjoying PC gaming. The headset modulates sound to exacerbate 360- degree surround sound experience.