Tablets to outsell PCs for first time in 2013: IDC

LONDON: Sales of tablets are expected to outsell desktop computers for the first time this year, a report has said.ultra-cheap-android-tablet-comes-to-india-52ed4114cf

According to research by the International Data Corporation (IDC), the number of tablets sold this year is expected to increase by almost 50 per cent, to over 190 million units.

The continuing surge in sales means that tablets will then go on to outsell laptop computers next year, the Telegraph reports.

The report also said that the smartphone market is expected to grow 27 per cent this year to over 900 million units sold.

By 2017, IDC predicts that over 350 million tablets will be sold per year, closing the gap on the 1.5 billion smartphones it estimates will be sold that year.

Sales of desktop PCs are in a gentle decline worldwide, while laptop sales are roughly stable worldwide, increasing slightly in emerging markets and declining slightly in established markets, the report added.

                                                                                     Source Times Of india,