T-Hub joins hands with JK Tech to Support its Innovation-Driven Transformation

T-Hub joins hands with JK Tech to Support its Innovation-Driven Transformation

T-Hub joins hands with JK Tech to Support its Innovation-Driven Transformation

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T-Hub, which leads India’s pioneering innovation ecosystem, has partnered with JK Tech, a multinational information technology (IT) solutions company, under T-Hub’s Corporate membership program. Both have joined hands to accelerate the innovation capabilities for JK Tech.

The partnership will connect JK Tech with T-Hub’s robust innovation ecosystem. This will also open doors for T-Hub’s startups to pitch their products and solutions for possible collaboration opportunities with the corporate and its clients. With JK Tech exploring a long-term relationship, T-Hub is planning various innovation-driven activities like startup interactions, innovation workshops, thought leadership.

Ravi Narayan, CEO of T-Hub said, “The impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic underscore how important it is for the corporations to be both agile and resilient to respond effectively to the unexpected changes. This has made innovation a key contributor to growth. The Corporate Membership program provides the corporate leaders with real-world insight from T-Hub’s ecosystem of startups, corporates, and investors, to accelerate its innovation capabilities. Our new partnership with JK Tech will enable them to identify and collaborate with game-changing startups eager to leverage the company’s technical capabilities and new experiences in the IT industry.”

With the increased need to diversify, it is important to prioritize innovation to unlock growth during these unprecedented times. The partnership creates unique opportunities for JK Tech to enhance its processes, products, and services while sharing valuable expertise with T-Hub startups and industry experts. T-Hub will address the specific technological needs of the corporation in the areas like Hyperautomation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Emerging Technologies, Data Analytics, and Cybersecurity. This will help JK Tech exceed its customers’ rising expectations and stay ahead in the IT industry trends.

Commenting on the association, Aloke Paskar, CEO of JK Tech said “Our outlook is to provide the best technology-enabled business solutions to deliver a shift in business performance and people experiences. During this unprecedented situation our world is facing, the company is intentionally focused on identifying and promoting Tech startups, who are striving to fill the white space created by rapid digitalization; and to find a niche of their own. Through this Corporate Membership Program, JK Tech intends to act as a catalyst in connecting these companies with global enterprises to fulfill their customer needs. These are exciting and challenging times for all of us, and through this association, we hope to continuously identify potential partnerships to drive critical and transformative business outcomes for the future.”

JK Tech will also receive the following host of benefits through this partnership:

  • Harness open innovation platform and access to tech realm.
  • Access to various innovation knowledge sessions at T-Hub.
  • Access to collaborate with the industry peers to better understand technology needs.

The benefits that the T-Hub startups will get from the partnership are:

Corporate membership aims to unite the corporates with the most promising startups to foster innovation and secure collaborative partnerships across an array of verticals within the Indian tech ecosystem. Corporate innovation programs have so far successfully achieved 40+ scaling interventions, 75+ corporate interactions with startups, 30+ corporate innovation programs, and curated innovative startups in 40+ countries.

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