Synopsys DesignWare USB 3.0 IP Shipped in More Than100 Million Production SoCs

Use of Silicon-Proven DesignWare USB IP by More than 60 Companies Demonstrates High Quality and Low Integration Risk


• With more than 100 million units shipped, Synopsys USB IP is the low-risk choice for designers implementing USB 3.0 functionality in their SoCs
• DesignWare USB 3.0 IP has been certified by the USB-IF standards body more than 80 times forboth Synopsys and its customers
• Complete USB 3.0 IP solution, including controllers, PHYs, IP Prototyping Kits, IP Virtual Development Kits and verification IP, accelerates SoC integration effort
• DesignWare USB 3.0 PHYs available in more than 25 leading process technologies including 14/16-nm FinFET and spanning six foundries
• DesignWare USB 3.0 Controllersupports Dual Role Device, Host, Device and On-The-Go configurations

Synopsys_Logo_It Voice Synopsys, Inc. (Nasdaq:SNPS), a global leader  providing software, IP and services used to  accelerate innovation in chips and electronic  systems, today announced that its  DesignWare®USB 3.0 Controller and PHYIP has shipped in more than 100 million production system-on-chips (SoCs) used in mobile computing, digital home and cloud computing applications such as smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes, digital TVs, gaming systems and servers. More than sixty companies have successfully integrated silicon-proven DesignWare USB 3.0 IP into their products’ SoCs, including SoCs in the Microsoft XBOX One. This broad usage demonstrates the quality of the IP and howSynopsys enables rapid adoption of the standard. To help ensure interoperability and lower designers’ integration risk,the DesignWare USB 3.0 solution has been certified by the USB-IF through USB compliance testing inplugfests andby third-party labs.

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