Synechron’s ‘Accelerating Digital’ Brand Promise Will Deliver Banks Industry-leading Innovation in a Market where 40% of banks’ IT budgets will be allocated to Digital by 2020

Synechron, a leading Digital Consulting firm and technology services provider for financial services, today announced its new brand promise, Accelerating Digital, with the launch of its new website. The branding re-affirms Synechron’s mission to be the leading Digital IT Consulting firm for financial services firms and its ongoing commitment to Accelerate Digital initiatives for Financial Services. This is particularly significant for the industry, given digital transformation is one of the top challenges global banks have placed on their business agendas, to be supported by increased spend in technology.

IDC Research estimates that over 40% of banks’ IT budgets will be spent on digital by 2020. By taking a consultative approach and examining pre-built tools that can be used for Accelerating Digital strategies, banks will unlock new opportunities to better serve their clients, enhance user experience, and improve customer loyalty for a new generation of banking customers. A successful digital strategy also will create more efficiencies, lead more innovation, and transform the banking sector. Each of these factors is key to Accelerating Digital for Financial Services.

To that end, Accelerating Digital has been the narrative of Synechron’s success over the last two years, guiding financial services and insurance firms with end-to-end Digital, Consulting, and Technology services amplified by Digital Accelerators in emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. In just two years, Synechron has invested in 12 global Financial Innovation Labs (FinLabs) and built over 50 Accelerators that show the unique value firms receive when combining these three capabilities. Given this, the company has invested even further in Digital in key markets like Amsterdam, Paris, and Singapore, where new FinLabs have opened this past year and will continue to invest Research & Development (R&D) to deliver two new Accelerator programs in 2019.

“Synechron is seeing significant growth as a leader in the highly-specialized area of financial services digital innovation. Our ambition is to use emerging technologies to guide our clients on their Digital Transformation strategies and execution,” said Faisal Husain, Synechron’s Co-founder and CEO. “To me, Accelerating Digital is about combining our expertise in strategy and business operations, technology, to create a multiplier effect for our clients that Accelerates their digital transformation journey. We might do this through our FinLabs, a Proof-of-Concept, or an enterprise-wide digital transformation program, but in every situation we will bring agility, expertise, and innovation.”

To help firms Accelerate Digital, Synechron has launched a new website that centralizes resources for banks, financial institutions and insurance companies to understand industry-leading initiatives, thought leadership, and Accelerators available to aid them in their own Digital Transformation strategies. The website includes interactive video banners featuring Synechron’s own global employees and projects, a sizable library of insights, case studies, infographics, videos, and talent management resources related to Corporate Social Responsibility, and Diversity and Inclusion with multi-lingual and mobile-enabled search.