Synechron Demonstrates Commitment to Innovation and Creativity in Digithon

Synechron Inc., a leading Digital IT Consulting firm for financial services, has today announced the winners of its annual Digithon, underscoring the company’s commitment to continual innovation. The Digithon was a global research & development initiative which challenged Synechron employees to compete to strategize, conceptualize, and deliver digital applications that best demonstrate client business relevance, strength of consulting and technical delivery, user experience design, and marketability / commercial relevance.

Participants were asked to build a full, working prototype application in 12 weeks in one of four categories: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, UI/UX, or a freestyle project; to create a complete GitHub repository of the application source code; and to demo their application to a panel of five global judges across Synechron’s Management and Financial Innovation Labs (FinLabs) teams. This year, there were an overwhelming 192 participants across 66 teams, and 13 teams made it to the finish line with completed Digithon projects. The five winners were selected based on a scoring methodology considering Creativity, Technicality, and Readiness.

The first-place winners built a blockchain-based loyalty coin application on the Ethereum platform, branded as SyneCoin. The application was designed to increase global collaboration and build brand ambassadors within Synechron through a tokenized loyalty, reward and recognition program bringing together Synechron employees, Managers, Human Resources, prospective employees, and even clients. The gamified engagement experience was designed to support Synechron’s Employee 2020 goals for innovation, ambition, responsible behavior, empowerment and limitless opportunity – making it easy to acknowledge and incentivize these behaviors through a distributed ledger scoreboard – with data protected by private keys – and to recognize those employees through branded merchandize, appraisals, and value-added benefits. The innovative application has bolstered further Synechron’s already industry-leading suite of award-winning blockchain Accelerators available for clients.

In addition to SyneCoin, the other winning projects included:

a personal banking assistant that uses advanced Data Science to create personalized customer experiences,
a solution for information extraction to enhance resume sorting and prioritize relevant candidates for recruitment initiatives, and
a mobile, digital insurance application that uses Machine Learning and Internet of Things (IoT)-data to provide microinsurance.

Faisal Husain, Co-founder and CEO of Synechron said, “Accelerating digital and supporting innovation initiatives are key aspects of what makes Synechron special – and the participants of the Digithon embody that spirit of innovation, ambition, and creativity that sets Synechron apart from our competitors and allows us to guide our clients through developing and implementing their digital strategies in a rapidly-changing banking, asset management, and insurance landscape. Congratulations to the winners, and to future participants, we can’t wait to see what you come up with next.”