December 4, 2020

SWIPE: A mini Spray-n-Swipe touch-screen Cleaner for your smart-devices supporting “Swachh Bharat”

We all love our touch screens and gadgets and our lives are unimaginable without them. Infact you are reading this article on one such device. But how clean are our devices? As per one scientific study, mobile screens have more germs than even the toilet seats. While we all would cringe at the thought of not washing our hands properly after using toilet, we happily use smart-phones while eating. Also, we touch such gadget screens and surfaces all through the day – while snacking & working, eating or travelling, and from first thing in the morning to last in the night before we finally crash. Our oily &creamy snacks leave our fingers greasy and most of us, especially children and busy executives, do not wash our hands. On top of it, many of us nail-bite during the day. Thus germ exponentially multiplies in such an unhygienic environment. Cleaning phones is usually not a part of our daily routine. These unclean habits can spoil our health due to germs with problems like stomach infections. Also our expensive devices look dirty and stained and these can get faulty also. Even when we stay in hotels and use the TV and AC remote controls, we get all the germs left by previous users. As a person who loves clean and shiny stuff, we resign to these ugly realities.
No more, now say goodbye to all of your dirty ‘fingerprint magnet’ touch screens and surfaces. With Portronics Swipe, an easy to carry and attractive little spray-and-swipe mini duster, all you need is just a few whiffs on the screens and swipes to get back your sparkling clean device and minimal chances of infection. Swipe is free from any alcohol or ammonia or harmful chemicals and is environment friendly. It can be used for all electronic devices. Ideally Use it by first switching off the devices. Be healthy, look smarter – buy Portronics Swipe today.
Pricing and Availability:
Available in four vibrant colors (Grey, Blue, Orange and Green) just for Rs 199 on all leading gadget stores – online and offline.