January 17, 2021

Supreme Engicons Initiated a Seminar on “Awareness of Draft Development Plan 2034”

 10,000 suggestions has already been received on Draft DP 2034, an open hearing to take place with public at large post 24th April, 2015


Maharashtra Societies Welfare Association along with Lions Club of Lokhandwala Galaxy, today organized a seminar on “Awareness of Draft Development Plan 2034”.Supreme Engicons Pvt. Ltd., one of the leading project management consultants, initiated the seminar in public interest. The seminar was organized to provide a common platform to all the stakeholders including the public, architects, developers and the government officials to deliberate the implications of development plan and contribute in fine-tuning the provisions in order to create a city of everybody’s dream. The Draft DP 2034 is open to public at large for their suggestions and objections till 24th April, 2015.

Chief Guest ShriVidyadhar Phatak, advisor to MCGM (Development Plan)inaugurated the seminar along with other dignitaries- Shri. Vinod Harisingani, President Of Lions Club Of Lokhandwala Galaxy; Shri. Advt. Ameet Mehta, (Solicit Lex); Arch Shri. Prem Nath, eminent Speaker on DP 2034; Shri. Sudhir Ghate,ex. chief engineer- MCGM (Development Plan); Shri. Ramesh Prabhu, Chairman Of MSWA; Arch. Ashwin Parmar, eminent speaker on DP 2034, Shri Amarjeet Mishra and Shri. Suresh Sahu, M.D Supreme Engicons (India) Pvt. Ltd. The government officials actively participated in the seminar presented their views on Draft DP 2034 and addressed the queries by participants from different societies present.

“We have received more than 10,000 suggestions and are looking at receiving more. But what we have noticed is that most of the objections or suggestions concentrate on regulations without understanding the reason why they have been laid. We want people to understand that the DP 2034 is for the growth of Mumbai”, said Shri Vidyadhar Pathak, advisor to MCGM on Development Plan.“The Draft DP 2034 is based on no assumptions, unlike the previous DP which was based on the assumption that Mumbai population can be controlled and FSI can be restricted.  If FSI (Floor Space Index) is controlled how will Mumbai population get houses. Hence we have simplified the Planning, and calculation of FSI. All exemptions in FSI calculations has been removed and TDR has been simplified”, he further added.

The seminar highlighted various aspects of Draft DP 2034 (attached in FACT SHEET).  The objective of organizing this seminar was to educate the public at large and give those answers, information and even directions about the new DP.  Most of the people present had queries on inclusionary housing and calculation of FSI & TDR.  Shri Sudhir Ghate, Ex Chief Engineer  – D.P, MCGM presented his views on changes in Draft DP 2034 while Shri Advt. Ameet Mehta, (Solicit Lex) highlighted the aspects against which a PIL can be filed in future.

ShriSudhirGhate said, “I would like to congratulate MCGM for drafting DP 2034 and must say that it is very simplified and easily comprehensible. There are few suggestions, which I would like to propose to improve the DP 2034. I feel the process of taking permissions on planning & development and demolition of any building should be kept with the building proposal department. Likewise responsibility of transferring of name should be with the corporation”.

 Mr. Ramesh Prabhu, Chairman of Maharashtra Societies Welfare Association (MSWA) played a key role in moderating the Question Answer session during the panel discussions. Most questions related to specific society queries and technical issues were moderated by him.

Mr Ramesh Prabhu observed about the Infrastructure Development, Leisure and Recreation areas that are being taken away from societies and its impact on future generations. He also facilitated a discussion regarding the IOD, CC and OC issues that the societies are likely to face in the transition period.

Shri Advt. Ameet Mehta shared, “When the Draft DP 2034 was released, few society people had come to us to file a PIL. I informed them that it couldn’t be done, as it is not a law yet. There were issues like implementing 4G mobile towers on ground, which made it inaccessible for them. Hence it was very important that these issues are discussed and taken care of now. I think Supreme Engicon has done a great job of initiating this seminar as this will help in addressing all issues and ensure that procedural issues don’t arise in future”.

Highlighting some of the points, which can lead to a PIL in future Shri Advt. Ameet Mehta said, “High FSI has been proposed around train station. I think it should be taken care from practical point of individual station. More clarity should be given on aspects like FSI for old structures, calculation of additional TDR as there is no clarity on them. Also the entire DP 2034 is silent on affordable housing. No incentive has been allocated for society development. Its important that MCGM thinks from the point of view of redevelopment and not just Development plan”

The Development plan focuses on housing centric approach ratherthan an amenity centered one. The reduction in open spaces and proposed roads running through societies has brought about a standstill in the redevelopment sector of the construction industry. Also the reservations within the plots are very confusing and ambiguous. We urge Mumbaikars to please give their suggestions and objections to MCGM and help Mumbai have the future it deserves”, said Mr. Suresh Sahu, MD, Supreme Engicons India Pvt. Ltd. summarizing the Seminar.

 Supreme Engicon presented a report with important issues raised during the seminar to MCGM. The issues included suggestions from dignitaries present and objections and queries of people present from different societies. The report will be discussed in the open hearing to be organized post 24th April, 2015 to draft the final DP 2034.