August 12, 2020

Sunanda Pushkar murder Case: Who is mysterious ‘Sunil sahab’ ?

The mystery over “Sunil Sahab”, referred to by Mr Tharoor’s help, was partly resolved as he was identified as Sunil Trakru. In an interview on Friday, Sunil Trakru, a Kashmiri businessman, reportedly admitted to have met Sunanda Pushkar at the same hotel she was found dead. He said: “I met Sunanda on January 15 and our meeting lasted for an hour.” On being asked about the details, Sunil said: “I stick to the statement given to the Delhi police (that all was well between Sunanda and Shashi). I have no details with me; I have given all the information that I had to the Delhi police.” Sunil, as per media reports, had helped Sunanda tweet two days before her death. Police sources added that Narayan Singh’s interrogation had also disclosed that Sunanda was planning a press conference regarding IPL in days following her death and kept referring to IPL controversy time and again. 

sunanda pushkar

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor spoke to the media in Thrissur days after the Delhi police had filed a case of murder in his wife’s mysterious death on January 17. Mr Tharoor had completed a two-week Ayurveda treatment there. “I have a number of questions in my mind and concerns over the way in which the investigation had moved so far. I have written to the police commissioner yesterday in detail. Hope he will have discussions with the investigating officers. It is for him to do what he wants to do,” he said. In his letter to the police commissioner, Mr Tharoor said he is looking for an early opportunity to address questions “his people may have”.

He reiterated that he was “taken aback” by the police decision to register a murder case as the family had no reason to believe “foul play” in Sunanda’s death. “I was completely taken aback as there is no reason to believe for any one in the family that foul play would have been involved in her passing away. Every one loved her and (there was) no question of any one having reason to harm (Sunanda),” he said.

“There was no reason for anyone who had access to her would do anything to do her any harm. But I pledge full cooperation in the investigation,” he said.

“Let the police do their job. We all would like to see the matter closed and justice is done to all including Sunanda,” 58-year-old Tharoor, who represents Thiruvananthapuram in Lok Sabha, added. Mr Tharoor said many of the things coming in connection with the case were “unnecessary controversy, disinformation and sometimes outright lies”. “I have been suffering for the last one year. We will like to have this procedure to get justice to all starting with her (Sunanda), family members and myself as husband. “I lost my wife. I am not allowed to mourn for more than a year. I have gone through a great deal of pain,” he said. Dismissing criticism that he has maintained a “sinister silence” after the fresh FIR was lodged in the case, Mr Tharoor said, “I have been silent on this for one year as the police investigation is on. The reason is very simple. Obviously when there is a police inquiry on it is my duty not to undermine or compromise the investigation any way.”

He voiced anguish over “unnecessary public controversy” and “distortion” in media reportage. Mr Tharoor refused to take questions saying he is not going to engage in public discussion over a very personal tragedy and asked media to have some “soul and heart” and some “human decency:” while reporting on such personal tragedies.

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