Whatsapp marketing has expanded dramatically over the years and is now hailed as the most popular messaging channel, with billions of active users in 180 countries – Sumit Gupta, Whizard API, Full Interview

Sumit Gupta, Founder Whizard API, and The Viral Pitch

Sumit Gupta, Founder Whizard API, and The Viral Pitch

Whizard API is a Whatsapp Automation Tool developed to allow users the ease of doing business through the most famous cross-platform messaging app, Whatsapp. Below is an excerpt from a recent interaction between team IT-Voice and Sumit Gupta, Founder Whizard API, and The Viral Pitch.

Prateek: What is the source of inspiration behind Whizard API?

Sumit Gupta: The idea of chatbots was introduced decades ago but it has gained traction very recently and that’s when I realised that Whatsapp is the most used messaging app to drive conversations. This was that moment when the idea of the Whizard API came to my mind. Since the launch of Whizard API, harnessing the power of 2 billion global users has been pretty rewarding, as it is a highly customized product and since its inception we have been working with different clients on various solutions. It is certainly thrilling to work on individual projects with diverse problems stated by the brand and that is equally rewarding after achieving the client’s objectives. Whizard API works in the direction to automate your lead generation strategy by linking with your CRMs, advertising software, and any other tools you use and make it more efficient and optimal.We are here to revolutionize company-customer interactions, making contact easier, more efficient, and more accessible than ever before.

Prateek: What change would Whizard API bring future communications?

Sumit Gupta: With over two billion active users, Whatsapp is the most popular app on the globe. Whatsapp API has taken a further step by allowing corporate organizations to gain deeper information. In today’s multi-channel world of voice calls, email, chats, and messaging, customers desire to connect with companies, in the same manner, they interact with their loved ones. Users are increasingly turning to messaging applications to communicate with companies. As a result, Whatsapp is quickly becoming the preferred communication route among all other platforms. Whatsapp marketing has expanded dramatically over the years and is now hailed as the most popular messaging channel, with billions of active users in 180 countries.

Whizard makes sure there is no stone left unturned in overcoming any and every advertising obstacle you face, and our tech team is available 24×7 to follow that claim. Our company wants to empower the small and medium enterprises to do transactions on WhatsApp, now that the technology has changed drastically. With the help of Whizard, businesses can increase the customer satisfaction and expand their reach, improve message deliverability rate, have secure conversations with their customers, increase conversions, and also achieve some of their critical business goals. Whizard API can undoubtedly be a game-changer and help them have a competitive edge.

Prateek: WhatsApp undoubtedly is the most used internet-based instant messaging application. How is it a helpful tool for industries?

Sumit Gupta: When it comes to the monetization of WhatsApp as a product, WhatsApp is now focusing more on business APIs. Previously, WhatsApp automation was only viewed as a service where one could obtain specific information or conduct small transactions, such as mobile recharge, but technology has advanced dramatically. Industries are now adopting the product to the point where they are disseminating their entire catalogue on WhatsApp, and WhatsApp is facilitating all of these services via APIs by making them transactional in nature. ItI is a fantastic tool for medium and large businesses to effectively reach out to their target audience all over the world, as consumer centricity is something that API is always focused on.

Businesses can use the Whatsapp API in conjunction with the instant messaging app’s power as a platform to communicate with their customers in a reliable manner. In today’s highly competitive environment, it is critical to improve the customer experience to retain them in this competitive era.

Prateek: How is Whizard helpful in generating leads?

Sumit Gupta: Whizard API is recognized in the industry for its new-age customizable solutions and dynamic approach. We understand the importance of a good first impression while approaching leads. Thus, our WhatsApp automated chatbot acts as the first point of contact for a business and streamlines communication between both the parties in order to have natural, personalized conversations and ultimately drive conversions. By identifying the intent, need and behaviour of clients by interacting with them on WhatsApp, Whizard chatbot can create effective engagement and generate meaningful leads in a relatively shorter span of time.

Prateek: What are some of the new developments that will make it more useful for the companies?

Sumit Gupta: The chatbots are powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology—facilitating problem-solving, improving customer interactions, and sending personalized messages to improve the overall user experience.

Now a chatbot that has the potential to engage, acquire and retain customers without any human input and solve queries in seconds, I believe that is the most important development that will make it useful for all companies out there; no matter the industry you are working in.

Along with the companies, it benefits the customer as well. No longer you need to enter your details, just simply click and upload or just give a voice note. It saves the tedious task to manually enter the texts and answer all queries. Also, we know that typos happen all the time. So we have designed our chatbot in a way that it’ll pick keywords from the command entered and give the best possible solution.

And definitely, the most important would be that we’ll customize the product as per client requirement. So keep what you need and let the rest be, and let Whizard establish long term relationships with your customers.

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