February 27, 2021

Storage Strategies NOW Report Highlights The Critical Performance Advantages That Zetta.net Delivers With Cloud Backup And Disaster Recovery Solution

50354_Zetta.net_logoZetta.net announced that its cloud backup and disaster recovery solution has earned analyst acclaim for the distinct speed and performance advantages delivered to users. A new Delta Report by Storage Strategies NOW highlights several enhancements in Zetta.net DataProtect 4.0 that remove the longstanding performance and traffic optimization barriers associated with cloud backup and disaster recovery.

Enterprise-grade cloud backup is truly coming of age with Zetta.net DataProtect,” said Connor in the report. “In the last year, Zetta.net’s customer base has grown by more than 240 percent. More than 500 enterprises use Zetta.net DataProtect, including Mazda and the March of Dimes. The company has taken in a total funding of $39.5 million for continued expansion and growth. With products like Zetta.net DataProtect, which provides local and cloud-based backup and disaster recovery, the company has a bright future in the burgeoning cloud backup and disaster recovery market.

The report, authored by founding analyst Deni Connor, describes how the advanced release of Zetta.net’s software intuitively addresses major concerns users have about the performance of backup and recovery of their data. As data volumes grow, backup windows are getting longer and often impossible to meet or even finish by the time the next backup is scheduled to run. Data from remote offices that needs to be protected is continuing to expand and the problem backing it up relates directly to the amount of data and the speed of its transfer over the WAN. Until now, IT’s expectations have not been met for how fast data can be backed up to the cloud, or more importantly, how quickly data can be recovered.

Connor states that Zetta.net DataProtect 4.0 overcomes these issues by focusing not only on performance enhancements, but on local on-premise backup, a redesigned user interface, and enhancements to Microsoft Exchange server backup. Zetta.net’s cloud backup and disaster recovery software natively accelerates data transfer into the cloud, and is 200 percent faster than the previous version, offering “an alternative to expensive appliances at both ends of a connection.

The report additionally gives Zetta.net credit for introducing a number of enhancements to its newly released version of DataProtect. Connor cited “dynamic TCP window sizing, intelligent chunking of data and streamlined change detection” among these improvements, as well as improved bandwidth throttling to help regulate traffic on networks. She added that the solution also boosts Zetta.net’s capabilities for both local and offsite backups.

Formerly, only structured databases could be backed up to local devices,” said Connor in the report. “Now, protection of all data sets are supported. This capability can be used for off-siting of data, as well as disaster recovery to Zetta.net’s data centers and for local backups for quicker recovery of lost files and data.

Zetta.net DataProtect delivers 3-in-1 enterprise-grade cloud backup, archiving and local cloud-based disaster recovery functionality. Unlike other solutions, DataProtect is cloud-native, specifically designed for the Internet with built-in WAN traffic optimization and 10 patent-pending cloud performance acceleration technologies. With backup speed that is 396 percent faster than performance-tested competitors, users can backup in minutes versus hours, or even days, and recover multiple TBs of data within a 24-hour period. Coupled with enterprise-grade data centers and security levels, Zetta.net delivers a high-performing, appliance-free solution that is being rapidly adopted by organizations looking to replace older, complex backup systems with an easy-to-deploy and cost-effective alternative.

Storage Strategies NOW and other storage industry analysts have recognized the unique benefits of our cloud backup and recovery solution,” said Gary Sevounts, vice president of marketing, Zetta.net. “This industry validation is mirrored by our customers and partners as well, because the solution dramatically increases the speed, reduces the cost, and eliminates the management headaches traditionally associated with data backup and recovery systems. As an example of speed, one customer, GPA, had a catastrophic failure on a line-of-business server involving 2.7TB of data. The recovery took place in just under 24 hours.