Stmicroelectronics Introduces World’s First 4-Ball WLCSP EEPROM With Multiple I2C Addresses

STMicroelectronics has extended its M24 serial EEPROM family with four new devices that are fully compatible N3774S -- Jan 14 2016 -- M24 4-ball EEPROM_IMAGEwith the industry-standard 4-ball WLCSP (Wafer Level Chip Scale Package) footprint. The new additions also enable, for the first time, to connect two or more 4-pin EEPROMs to the same I2C bus with an individual I2C address hard-wired internally. This allows dedicated devices for specific purposes, such as front/rear camera modules, on the same bus.

The new devices meet customers’ needs for multiple sourcing by offering the same pitch, die orientation, and pin assignment as competitive products while allowing a choice of I2C slave addresses. The new M24 serial EEPROMsmaintain the unrivalled high-performance features of the existing devices, such as 4million erase/write cycles and 200 years data retention.

According to independent market analysts IHS, ST has been the world’s number one EEPROM supplier for the past ten years, with a market share consistently above 25%. The M24 family, like all ST’s EEPROM products, benefit from the Company’s rigorous ‘automotive-grade’approach in terms of robustness, quality, and product longevity.

Samples of the 32- and 64-Kbit M24C32-FCU6TP/TF, M24C32M-FCU6T/TF, M24C64-FCU6TP/TF and M24C64M-FCU6T/TF are available at prices from $0.14 in quantities of 1,000 units.

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