Still Today Mr Ashok Gehlot is Chief Minister & Mr Sachin Pilot is M.P of Rajasthan

In our country media is known as country’s 4th pillar of democracy. MEDIA PLAYS a crucial role in changing and influencing the thoughts of the people. All the media like print, Electronic or web has a great power to influence what we think about things happening around. The role of media is not only to seek solution to the many problems of the country, but the task of media is also to inform and educate people so that a critical awareness among the people is encouraged.


This is the responsibility of every media house and media person to update the people with the latest and correct news. We found that in one of       Rajasthan’s well known press club “Pink city Press Club” of which the maximum newspaper and journalist are members. Press advisor of Hon.Chief    Minister Vasundhara Raje is also a member of this club. This club does a lot of activities time to time but they are themselves not updated and do not    update the members. According the information gathered from the that the venue: Pink City press club 53, Narayan Singh    circle was allotted by the BJP chief Minister late Bhairosingh Shekhawat

Our Honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra modi is working on Digital India and lots of program and schemes are into action now on web or    Internet. Also our Chief Minister is having the Information & Public Relation, Information Technology and Communications department but the Information on this site is not updated.


Today where our country & state are having good position in “IT Sector”  not in only in our own country but also in “World Wide” but our Media houses are still is in Black & White mode, according to their website i.e. still on this day Mr Ashok Gehlot (C.M. of Rajasthan) & Mr Sachin Pilot is the (M.P of Rajasthan) and not only this whole old ministry of Rajasthan is mentioned as present ministry is being on their website. In spite of details of new elected committee still the old committee is there on this website. More people are interested to join hands with the elected members for doing good work in spite of enjoying and merry making. At least this kind of negligence is not supposed from such a prestigious organisation (Pink city press club) whose member’s duty is to update the general public by latest “News & events”.

Jaipur is known as the Pink city of India it comes in Golden Triangle of tourism i.e. (Delhi, Agra & Jaipur) when other media persons, Tourist or visitors of the other states of the country and as well as foreign countries visit this website created by pink city press club and they found old news still running on this such a Prestigious club website then person who had least knowledge of Rajasthan considers this new as the correct News and may give controversial statement.

State Government, Cybercrime branch & our Law department must keep watch and take time to time action on this kind negligence of the working committee. When the media person should do these types of blunders then what you are except from the general public.

Links are : 

Pinkcity ITVoice




According to our advisor what actually should be there!

1.If any organisation doesn’t have capability or technical knowledge Than their domain should be Capt. and information may remove from site!

2.In membership of PCC IT journalism person should be added. Today they are having marketing, Editorial, Camera person as the member.

3.Time to time regular audit for the Information and technical knowledge session should be there with introduction of other session.

4.State IT secretary and IT department should keep watch on this type prestigious website if they saw something wrong they must take legal action against the institute.

5.Will action should be taken against the society act.


These type of institutions are there which provide wrong information but it is not expected at least from institute which is joins with media. Press club has been given ideas to “Update” their “Website” but the working committee didn’t take any decision.


In the past “Press Club” has been given the ideas to update the website but the committee didn’t took any decision. So we should have again told the press club to correct their website but could anybody tell us to what extent we should make the committee remained to change. Will this be a proper way. Any law or rules should be there for that.


Let see what action should be taken on this..

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