Steria Powers To The Top In Environmental Sustainability With The Highest CDP Score Of 100A

teria, a leading provider of IT-enabled business services, today achieved a position on CDP’s SBF 250 Climate Change Performance Leadership Index (CPLI) and Climate Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI). This recognition reflects Steria’s efforts in tackling climate change. It is announced today in the CDP France Climate Change Report 2013 (French).

Steria is one of only 11 companies out of over 4,500 across the world to achieve a band A for performance and a disclosure score of 100. This places Steria on the SBF 250 CPLI and CDLI, annual indices compiled by CDP, the international NGO that providers the only global environmental disclosure system formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure Project.The CPLI highlights those companies listed on the Société des Bourses Françaises 250 Index that demonstrate strategies committed to improving their impacts on the environment. The CDLI recognises those that have displayed a strong approach to the disclosure of information regarding climate change. CDP indices provide an evaluation tool for institutional investors and stakeholders tracking corporate efforts to mitigate climate change. Through various channels, including Bloomberg terminals, company scores are communicated to investors and other decision makers that need to assess corporate preparedness for changing market demands and emissions regulation.

Paul Simpson, the CEO of CDP, commented: “Steria’s commitment over the past five years to climate change and sustainability, both inside the company and in their services to clients, is reaping benefit with outstanding results in both disclosure and performance”.

Steven Tebbe, CDP Managing Director Europe, added: “The perfect score of 100A is a truly excellent performance and Steria becomes the first French company to achieve this feat”.

As an international IT Group, Steria has always considered it vital to share its sustainability strategies, plans and achievements with its stakeholders. Its participation in CDP enables it to do this.

“We are particularly proud of this achievement, which we consider to be the fruit of our global CR policy, implemented daily by the talented people of Steria,” stated François Enaud, Steria Group CEO. “This award also recognises the fact that a strong environmental policy is an integral part of a strong business strategy,” he added.

Steria’s ranking in first place across both CDP’s 2013 SBF 250 indices is the culmination of its long-standing commitment to empowering a group-wide Sustainability Committee and its associated network of green ambassadors throughout the company who drive the changes behind its achievement.

By engaging suppliers through CDP’s supply chain programme, Steria supports them to consider and become accountable for their environmental impact. The Group puts a particular focus on transparency, governance and progression. This is reflected in Steria’s procurement policy and an increasing number of emissions reductions has been reported by their suppliers this year.

Steria – a long-standing commitment to the environment

For many years now, environmental responsibility has been embedded in Steria’s approach to business. Whilst improving our sustainability by adopting greener working practices and reducing our CO2 emissions (“Living Green”), we also help our clients become more sustainable in a profitable way (“Green Solutions”).

Our partner, The CarbonNeutral Company acknowledges the success of Steria’s approach; their Managing Director, Jonathan Shopley stated: “Steria continues to demonstrate impressive environmental leadership in the IT service sector. Building on its programme to manage and reduce company emissions, Steria is now focused on ensuring customers have the lowest CO2 impact by rolling out CarbonNeutral® datacentres across their global network”.

Living Green – How Steria people are all involved in the Group’s commitment to the environment

Steria runs many programmes helping to reduce the impacts of its business on the environment. ‘Living Green’ engages employees in the governance and management of sustainability initiatives. Employee engagement has always been an integral part of this programme, and today ‘Living Green’ involves employees in all the countries in which Steria operates and at all levels of the organisation, from the Group CEO to the most recent recruit. ‘Living Green’ has delivered many benefits for the company, its staff and clients, as well as the environment.

“At Steria, I really feel we can have an impact on the environment both internally in the workplace, and externally, when working with our clients. For example, we design energy efficient solutions for our clients and we use these solutions internally in our offices. We also sort and recycle waste and are encouraged to use remote working technologies, such as conference calling, video conferencing and web meetings,” says Thierry Fournel, Smart Energy Management DoE (Domain of Excellence) owner. Living Green @ Steria – Key facts and figures § Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 31.6% over 4 years from a 2008 baseline, beating the target of 30% set over a 12 year period. § Cost savings by reducing energy consumption and emissions. § Following major efforts on its travel policy, Steria has become Carbon Neutral for business travel by air and road since 2010. § Carbon Neutral for data centre services to our clients from January 2013 § A growing network of Green Agents composed of 200 members worldwide. § Facilitation of ‘green initiatives’ for all employees: environmental volunteering, planting trees, working with local schools, building nesting boxes, etc. § In France, between 2011 and 2012, nearly 1250 Steria France employees moved into new generation buildings, including Green Office® in Meudon, making the change needed to mitigate climate change a concrete reality for all of them. “I can really feel I work for a company in which the environmental policy is not only words but concrete initiatives involving all employees,” he adds.

Green Solutions – How Steria helps organisations to become more sustainable

As a provider of IT services, not only is Steria well positioned to reduce its own greenhouse gas emissions, but also to support its clients in reducing theirs.

In France, Steria is involved in IssyGrid®, the country’s first district smart grid in operation. Within IssyGrid®, Steria interconnects energy production and consumption across the district to give meaning to the city of the future. Steria offers its technological expertise and skills in Smart Energy Management to streamline energy efficiency and comfort of citizens, while supporting the development of new applications and services.

Working with its client the Land Registry in the UK, Steria has helped reduce its emissions and waste, embed sustainability in the supply chain and encourage sustainability in local communities. Martin Illingworth, Sustainability Manager for Land Registry, said, “Steria has provided valuable expertise on sustainability in line with the Greening ICT requirements, and with their help we are currently meeting Government targets, reporting our progress and engaging stakeholders”.