Sparsh Intros New Smart IP Surveillance Solutions

Sparsh announced the release of their new line of Smart SparshIP cameras, designed to fully meet all professional market requirements for efficient bandwidth and storage utilization, as well as unparalleled image quality and customer convenience.

The global digital explosion is radically transforming the way the Video surveillance sectors, fuelling its transition from traditional to Smart Solutions. The trend towards the smart Solutions is reflecting in the video surveillance, security manufacturers continue to incorporate Smart IP technology into their products.  Sparsh with its Latest product line is ready to meet market trend. With introduction of a Smart IP camera range, which aims to transform the surveillance market by offering ‘SMART’ features like Smart Video encoding, Smart Store & forward, Smart bandwidth control & 3G/Wi-Fi etc.

The cameras offer HDTV resolutions of up to 1080p at 30 FPS, Triple streaming with H.264, MPEG4 & MJPEG compression techniques, high quality audio and an open interface for easy integration with other systems. Equipped with a highly advanced codec algorithm, smart IP cameras deliver images at a very low bit rate without compromising on image quality. Compared to traditional cameras, these cameras can deliver very good image quality even at 1Mbps 720P resolution. Smart Bandwidth control significantly reduces the system’s load and storage requirements.

Smart IP offers HD resolution and Smart shutter technology, including a real time trigger for compressed and uncompressed images. These individual images can be created parallel to a video stream, laying the groundwork for additional tasks such as ANPR to be performed alongside routine traffic monitoring.In situations where wired connections with IP cameras are difficult, expensive or simply impossible to deploy, wireless IP camera connections are the ideal choice. Wireless connections can be achieved one of two ways: connecting wired IP cameras to a wireless access point using wireless modules and antennae capable of independent wireless connections.

Smart IP camera offers optimized  3G  streaming with  the 3G upgrade via a plugged-in 3G wireless dongle , With the 3G wireless connectivity come the lower cabling costs and simpler installation, as deploying 3G wireless cameras does not require building and maintaining network infrastructures or Wi-Fi hotspots. And unlike installing cameras with Wi-Fi or wired Internet connection, the installation of 3G cameras is not subject to the availability of Wi-Fi hotpots or Ethernet ports.

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