Soon 4K Streaming On YouTube, To Cut Down Bit Rate By 50 Per Cent

newsGoogle has developed a VP9 codec system for enhancing safe 4k video streaming for YouTube. Now this latest technical assistance will remove the traditional concept of H.265 codec features for 4K streaming videos. To make this system more tech friendly, Google has signed up with reputed electronic product manufacturers like Toshiba, Samsung and Sharp.

VP9 is not the first codec introduction by Google. The prior codec system namely VP8 was also another codec-compressed form, which was introduced by Google under the BSD license. Now this high compression facility based video streaming codec will perform better than the VP8 codec.

This unique codec system will be first introduced at the CES 2014. On the booths of LG, Panasonic and Sony, you can get a close display of this codec system. Though YouTube is consuming the latest access of VP9 for their 4K video streaming, they also take simultaneous support of H.265 codec system in their work. Google reveals that this latest codec system will be first launched in the mobile phones and computers. If everything goes right, then Television sets will be available with the VP9 codec system from 2015 onwards.

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