Sony tha Japanese company has been growing its portfolio over the years trying different industries and experimenting with products. They have come up with a data analyzing software which uses image sensors and plans to sell them using subscription and licensing. They aim to transform light-converting chips into a platform for software upgrades for the PlayStation Plus video games. Sony wants to couple its image sensors with artificial technology, which will become a gateway for imaging data. It will lead to the expansion of the industry varying much more than the individual sensor market. Sony claims to have developed an image sensor with built-in AI processes able to comprehend data. There could be multiple uses of this sort of camera technology in security or self-driven cars and even smartphone technology. Their payment plan is similar to that of their PlayStation online services, where you monthly pay for the licensing of the software. Sony hasn’t announced a launch date for this project, but claims they have received may queries from businesses and factories wanting to use their image sensor. Samsung has also partnered with OmniVision Technologies to come up with their solution to image sensors. Still, Sonys already holds atleast 52% of the market share, which could prove challenging to trim. Many suggest that the use of such sensors could be limited compared to Sony’s presence in more than 1 billion camera consoles. Sony has been facing losses in the volatile consumer electronics sector, and but still, they are returning profits from the past two years. This could revolutionize the market and drive innovations for many more years to come. Somemiya said a software-centred approach would require a change of mindset at a division accustomed to abiding by specifications of smartphone makers – just five of whom account for the bulk of its revenue.