Sonata Software Announces Acquisition Of US Based Halosys

Sonata Software, a global strategic IT services firm announced today that it has signed a definitive agreement Sonata Software_Aquisition Picto acquire through its US subsidiary, a 100% stake in the enterprise mobility enablement technology provider Halosys. Based in Santa Clara, California, Halosys is an innovator in providing technology platform and solutions that help enterprises realize the transformational impact of mobile on business. Halosys provides a single Unified Enterprise Mobile Enablement platform that enables businesses build, secure, manage and deploy an enterprise wide mobile applications portfolio. This is achieved by building critical features of multiple hitherto discrete mobility systems such as mBaaS (Mobile Back-end-as-a-Service), MADP (Mobile Application Development Platform), MAM (Mobile Application Management) and API (Application Programming Interface) in a unified platform with consistent workflows and enhanced user interfaces. The platform seamlessly extends existing enterprise security, identity and business applications to the mobile applications. This simplifies, accelerates and ensures a reliable way to execute mobility programs at scale, with an underlying architecture that adheres to emerging mobile & IoT technology trends. Sonata serves world leaders in ISV, Travel, Retail and Consumer goods businesses with digital business readiness solutions and sees the Halosys acquisition as a key piece in providing an end to end mobile solutions to customers.

Halosys’s patent-pending Unified Enterprise Mobility Enablement Platform allows businesses to have a 360 degree coverage on their mobility programs. This includes seamlessly connecting to business systems like SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, MS Dynamics, applying security & business policies, creating notifications, deploying, monitoring, managing and updating mobile applications rapidly and reliably. The platform also provides a complete management of apps, data, devices and users from a single system significantly improving the ability to realize a cohesive portfolio of mobile applications to meet the needs of the enterprise’s customers, partners and employees. Features for setting up an Enterprise Mobile App Store for internal distribution and a range of pre-built customizable Apps such as employee workflows and order management are part of the platform. Leading technology providers and enterprise customers have already used Halosys solutions to meet their mobile business enablement needs successfully.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Srikar Reddy, CEO Sonata Software said “this is in continuation of our strategy of investing in IP to drive our services growth and differentiating ourselves. Mobility has been one of the focus areas of investment for the past 2 years. Effective mobile innovation strategy and execution is critical to businesses these days. Mobile technologies are having a big impact on enterprise digital transformation strategy. We believe having the Halosys platform and team’s strong expertise in enterprise mobility as part of Sonata’s portfolio will significantly enhance our value proposition of digital transformation.”

Mr. Avinash Harsh, Founder of Halosys said “We are very excited with the opportunity that this brings in further developing the platform, enhancing market access and the highly compelling differentiated value proposition of a robust mobile platform with scalable service delivery capability. Sonata has strong experience and customer base in solving enterprise IT needs for digital business solutions. The power of Halosys platform and Sonata’s track record of global IT service excellence will help the combined entities deliver a comprehensive mobility solution to customers.”