Solus Is Moving A Step Towards Its Final Release

The Solus operating system is moving a step towards its siFj55115PM7312015final release. Meanwhile, its developers are also displaying the potential of Distro, including the boot time. It seems that we have stopped caring about boot times for Linux distros since the release of SSD drives. Moreover, developers have abundant amount of RAM, hence booting doesn’t take longer time anymore.

However, according to the latest reports, Solus boots up in 1.2 seconds, which seems to be a jaw dropping achievement.

A few weeks ago, experts were working on reducing the boot time of Solus to three seconds. But interestingly, Solus developers were able to reduce it even further.

Solus distro                                                                                                   Solus is a Linux distribution which uses a new desktop background called Budgie. Its name is quite similar to an older Distro called Solus OS. It was built from scratch and was introduced by some developers who worked on Solus OS. They, however, chose to drop the OS from the name.

If the reports are to be believed, Solus has already completed the testing and development phase. It is just a few months away from its stable launch.

While developers are still working on adjustments to the operating system, they are trying to update everything before the stable release. Solus happens to be one of the few distros which adopted the latest Linux Kernel immediately after its launch. 

Meanwhile, the Solus daily build is available for download.

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