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Announcing the Audio-Maker’s Entry into Indian Market with Relay Sport and Shadow Wireless Headphones
Innovative audio-maker, SOL REPUBLIC is excited to announce their expansion into the Indian market with the release of their Relay Sport Wireless and Shadow Wireless headphones, now available through Imagine Marketing India. The announcement marks the company’s most recent launch worldwide, coming after their successful introduction into Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Mexico, Canada, Australia and Latin America.
“Our goal is to deliver audio products that offer unmatched sound, style and durability in order to change the world one listener at a time,” states SOL REPUBLIC Vice President, Mario Larsen. “The brand’s expansion into India is allowing us to do just that.”
“We are excited to serve as the exclusive distributor for SOL REPUBLIC within the market,” explains Director for Imagine Marketing Pvt, Ltd., Aman Gupta. “The company’s roots in innovation and love for music combined with our commitment to providing unique lifestyle goods are what make the partnership a perfect fit.”
SOL REPUBLIC plans to continue to release products from its innovative audio line throughout the coming year, including new wireless headphones and portable Bluetooth® speakers, bringing quality performance and sound to the Indian consumer electronics market.
Relays Sport Wireless
Crafted with the active lifestyle in mind, the Relay Sport Wireless offers 8+ hours of playtime in a durable, sweat and water resistant design. Its secure fit and outdoor sound mode, make it a must have accessory for on-the-go listening.The most important feature of Relays Sport Wireless is its award-winning FreeFlex™ secure fit, ultralight ear bud design that adapts to any ear size without the need for complicated parts or hooks which wrap around your sensitive ear.
Relays Sports Wireless features SOL REPUBLIC’s signature deep bass and crisp sound that brings out all the emotion in your music. For outdoor exercise where the bass from your music is harder to hear over outdoor noise or the pounding sound of impact sports like running, Relays Sport Wireless features an outdoor sound mode that increases the right amount of bass so everything sounds just right again.
The Relays Sports Wireless earphone is priced at MRP 4990 and come with a one-year warranty and is now available for purchase via amazon.in
Shadow Wireless
The sleek and portable design of the Shadow Wireless headphones allow for Bluetooth® listening that blends with any style. Its ergonomic construction allow the neck band to rest comfortably around your neck all day long while remaining compact enough to fold into your pocket. SHADOW is designed to be an extension of your body and style. Balanced and detailed, SHADOW sounds better than most wired headphones, features a mic & remote, and has an 8 hour battery life so you’ll be ready to play music whenever you want it.
Shadow’s premium water-resistant design allows you to wear this all day while looking good. Simple, minimalistic design, beautifully crafted with tasteful accents goes with every style. The Multiple size in ear tips, allows you to get just the right fit for sealing the ear and isolating outside noise. Music sounds way better – when it’s just the music.
The Shadow Wireless earphone is priced at MRP 5990 and come with a one-year warranty and is now available for purchase via amazon.in