Smartphone or Digital Camera? 5 Things To Consider

Festive season is just around the corner in India. A handy yet good quality camera equipped device is everyone’s need during festive season. Deciding between a smartphone and digital camera is a confusing question for most people. Here are 5 things to keep in mind while making the decision.
1. Optics & Sensor Size

Digital cameras invariably sport better optics than smartphone camera. Even entry level digital camera available in the market features minimum 5X optical zoom. There are few smartphones that come with optical zoom (Samsung S4 Zoom, Samsung K Zoom) but, they haven’t been able to match the quality of digital camera. Smartphone sensors are much smaller than digital cameras which affects overall image quality.

2. Quick Access Hardware

While some smartphones feature advance settings like ISO, exposure and shutter speed controls but unlike, digital cameras they don’t have quick access buttons. You have to play fiddle around with touch screen display everytime you need to tweak settings.

3. Macro Shots

Smartphone camera technology has come a long way but, even now they can’t beat digital cameras when it comes to macro shot. Even midrange digital cameras are able to focus at distance as close as 5 cm. Physical aperture on digital camera allows more natural light and shallow depth of field. It gives overall better macro effect.

4. Battery Life

Camera is a secondary feature on a smartphone. The battery technology is designed to support core features of smartphone for long lasting time. Smartphone’s battery drains quickly when it comes to shooting HD videos. On the contrary side, digital camera has an advantage. It offers optimum battery life. You can click as many as 200 shots on single charge.

5. Low Light Photography

Even best of smartphones can’t match the quality of digital camera lens when it comes to low light photography. It all boils down to larger sensor and powerful flash. Digital cameras offer higher ISO range, which helps in capturing more amount of natural light. Smartphone’s LED flash is quite weak. Digital cameras often feature xenon flash which is brighter and has better range.

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