Skye Air Mobility Transports World Renowned Lakadong Turmeric via Drone

Skye Air Mobility Transports World Renowned Lakadong Turmeric via Drone

Skye Air Mobility Transports World Renowned Lakadong Turmeric via Drone

Skye Air Mobility, a Delivery by Drones Logistic Company headquartered in New Delhi, today demonstrated its delivery technology at Lakadong Turmeric Fly-off Event in Meghalaya organised as a part of the “One District One Product” (ODOP) Initiative under the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), Ministry of Commerce & Industry. The event highlighted the importance of leveraging drone delivery technology to ensure the 1st Mile connectivity for Lakadong Turmeric farmers from the hinterland.

The event was set up for a technology demonstration that could serve as a model of solving the 1st-mile connectivity issues for farmers in the future.

Skye Air demonstrated multiple autonomous BVLoS flight lifting a combined payload of 100 kg of dry turmeric. The flights took place with Skye Air’s flagship product “Skye Ship One” and “Atlantis”.

Having completed over 900 plus successful autonomous BVLoS flights delivering various healthcare and grocery items in year 2021, Skye Air beautifully showcased its capability at the Fly-off Event where Smt. Sumita Dawra, Addl. Secy, DPIIT and Shri. M.R. Synrem Commissioner & Secy, Commerce & Industries Dept., were the Chief Guests.

Commenting on participating in the Fly-off Event, Swapnik Jakkampudi, Co-Founder, Skye Air Mobility said, “We want to bring to light the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of drone technology to our farmers. Our aim of participation at the Lakadong Turmeric Fly-off Event was to showcase the use of drones to help farmers overcome logistical challenges in the hinterland. With drones delivering agri-commodity, a true disruption in the whole agriculture value chain can be brought. By far, we have been focusing on transporting healthcare supplies and groceries, this is the first time we have transported an agri-commodity (dry turmeric) in bulk. With the new budget focusing on maximizing drone penetration in Agriculture, we truly believe a major change can be brought by drone delivery for all agri-commodity and processed food.

Further throwing light on the BVLOS flight, Swapnik Jakkampudi, said, “The flights, equipped with consignments of turmeric supplies has created it to be India’s first agri-commodity delivery via drones and has also set a major step forward in enabling drone deliveries to be the future of agri-commodity and processed food transportation.”

Despite India being the world’s largest turmeric producer and exporter, turmeric imports have been increasing. The major importers are from the processing industries that require high curcumin and oleoresin. With Lakadong turmeric having the highest curcumin content, the ODOP team can now focus on pitching its USP for domestic and export consumption, while Skye Air will in no time resolve logistical challenges on the ground to enable faster, efficient and cost effective deliveries.

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