Simplify Your Smartphone Charging Experience with Toreto Wireless Power Bank – Zest Pro

a top-tier and prominent leader in the innovative and portable digital product market has launched Zest Pro Wireless Charger Power Bank. As your Smartphone gets contemporary, these wireless power banks are here to simplify and build up a phenomenal experience of your Smartphone charging. Avoid the entangling of wires and up your style game to the next level with the new Toreto Zest Pro. Even with a 10000mAh Li-polymer battery, the Zest Pro wireless charger cum power bank is unbelievably lightweight hassle.
The latest power bank offers wide compatibility to their users, giving them an insight into one of the most futuristic products. Understanding the present-day needs, Toreto brings the latest technology onboard with Zest Pro. Now, keep your Qi-enabled devices charged at all times, wirelessly. Also, the 2 USB ports on the Zest Pro allow you to charge more of your smart devices via USB cable simultaneously.
With 10000mAh Li-Polymer battery, Zest Pro lives up to a certain standard and offers you full-time charging. Owing to its ultra-portable lightweight design, you can slip it into your laptop bag, your car’s glove compartment, your carry bag, or even your pocket. The sleek-looking masterpiece matches your luxurious style wherever you go.
Toreto has also launched an all new Zest Power Bank with 10,000mAh battery, 2 USB Ports and an ultra-slim design. Both Zest Pro and Zest come in Royal Black and Classy White color for Rs 2,999 and Rs 2,099, respectively.
Salient Features:
Powerful and Portable:
With 10000 mAh battery, Zest/Zest Pro can live up to your quality and on-time charge expectations. The lightweight of the future technology makes it easy to be carried around without much of efforts. One can put it inside the laptop bag, it can even fit into car’s glove compartment, carry bag, and importantly it can even fit into your pocket sleeves as well.
Lithium Polymer Battery:
The Lithium Polymer Battery of Zest/Zest Pro ensures that your device remains safe during charging. As Li-Polymer battery is thinner than regular lithium batteries, it makes the whole device lightweight and easy to carry around. So one can be safe and tension free with both the features.
2 USB Ports:
Other than enjoying its miraculous feature of wireless charging, one can charge 2 smart devices in one go using its 2 USB ports. If you are afraid that you might drop your phone off this wireless charger, then use it the usual way, the USB port is made especially for the friend in need.
Ultra Slim Design:As quoted, the Li-Polymer battery is thinner; hence it makes the whole design, a sleek masterpiece. The ultra slim body of Zest/Zest Pro makes it ideal to carry on-the-go and take along anywhere. It won’t be an exaggeration to call it a state-of-the-art design or even technology.
Pricing and Availability:Toreto Zest & Zest Pro wireless power bank is available at all leading e-commerce platforms at an affordable price of INR 2,999/- & INR 2,099/- in 2 colours; Royal Black and Classy White. This power bank is available for specific models.