Silicon Valley Startup Claims To Have Created A New Science For Creating Energy From Vacuum (Zero Point Energy)

pt-titlePriza Technologies Inc., a Silicon Valley startup claims to have created a new science for creating


energy from vacuum by harnessing of zero point energy. They have published a few introductory papers online at vixar. org and They will be conducting introductory technical seminars on the research they have done at San Jose, CA, USA.

Priza Technologies Inc., a Silicon Valley startup, claims to have created a completely new science and theory to harness zero point energy. Harnessing zero point energy essentially means creation of energy by harnessing quantum perturbations. This in layman terms means extracting energy from nothing. The concept of zero point energy is very old and was first proposed by Einstein in 1913. Shalender Singh, the CEO and the Chief Scientist of Priza Technologies Inc. has been working on it for the last 18 years. He claims that they have solid theoretical proof and very encouraging experimental results. Priza plans to unveil the technology to the people with a series of free seminars and demos. They plan to conduct an introductory seminar with multiple sessions in San Jose, CA, USA on Sep 28-29, 2013 and are urging people to register for it by sending an email to:

Priza claims that current physics are not complete and there is almost no understanding of physics beyond the speed of light (super-optic range). They claim to have created a more complete space-time theory, which includes the super-optic range and have named it as “neo unification theory” using which they have come up with a method to harness zero point energy.

As per neo unification theory, if a stationary observer is observing a super-optic (speed greater than light) frame of reference, a single event in super-optic frame appears as 2 distinct events to the observer. It is similar to seeing an object simultaneously in two different mirrors. As per a paper published by them at (vixar:1309.0173), current physics and mechanics is incomplete even for the case of 2 billiards balls striking each other.

Using “neo unification theory” Priza has come up with the technology to harness zero point energy, which they have named as “Z Point Energy Technology”. They say that Z Point Energy technology is poised to have a momentous impact on the energy scenario of the world because it will enable a generation of sustainable, infinite electrical energy anywhere in an most environment friendly way. As per them, Z Point Energy technology removes the notion of constrains and finiteness of available energy thus allowing mankind to use as much energy as required for the comfort and betterment of life. This is especially important for people in areas of the world that do not have access to adequate electric energy or cannot pay for it, so are living in sub-standard living conditions. Priza claims that Z Point Energy will enable fuel free automobiles, very low space travel, self-charging mobile phones and many more things limited only by the imagination of people. itvoice

Priza says that a by-product of Z Point Energy technology is cooling energy, which can be transported over long distances through electric wires. They claim that a new business vertical of “cooling transmission lines” using power distribution infrastructure will come up in the future.

Priza claims that Z Point Energy generation is achieved by splitting zero point space into negative and positive components. This split is done by accelerating particles from a speed below the speed of light to a speed above the speed of light by a patented process (patent pending). They say that this leads to infinite non-destructive generation of electricity anywhere, anytime at any scale for usage and distribution.

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