sp15-1-14Silicon Power proudly announces that SP has once again received global recognition at the China Red Star Design Award 2013, which just released its winning list last month.

Featuring innovative product designs and superior qualities, SP cut a conspicuous figure at the China Red Star Design Award and won four awards for its outstanding products: Touch T825 USB flash drive, Jewel J10 USB flash drive, Jewel J05 USB flash drive and Stream S03 portable hard drive. Recently rewarded with seven awards at Taiwan Excellence 2014, SP once more gained incredible success at the China Red Star Design Award, by which SP not only shows its remarkable achievement but also further strengthens its leading status in the memory storage solutions industry.

The China Red Star Design Award, established in 2006, was founded by China Industrial Design Association (CIDA) and Beijing Industrial Design Center (BIDC) to encourage the development of Chinese design industry and to foster global collaboration between designers all over the world. Now, the China Red Star Design Award has become one of the most prestigious design awards which guarantee international awareness and credibility.

The China Red Star Design Award 2013 attracted 5,567 participants in which only nearly 300 pieces of work were awarded. Under such fierce competition, SP still stood out by its exceptional product designs and won an advantage over other competitors with four design awards.

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