March 8, 2021

Silicon Power Launches Ultra Slim Portable Hard Drive

Silicon Power (SP), a provider of memory storage solutions, unveiled an ultra slim portable hard drive – Diamond D20. The all new D20 is built in a light-weight and ultra slim design for easy carrying and fits perfectly in your pocket. Featuring a solid aluminum metal structure with unique carbon-like texture, D20 creates a new sense of digital fashion trend, ideal for those who looking for storage on the go.


Unlike a traditional hard drive with rigid angles, the SP Diamond D20 is surrounded with curved edges for easy storage. With the solid aluminum metal structure and the anti-scratch surface, SP D20 can make you free from worrying about fingerprints, scratches or dents when carrying it around. Coated in contrasting colors of black and white, the D20 is elegantly simple and exquisite.

SP Diamond D20 is literally light in weight as well as in size. However, smaller size doesn’t have to mean smaller storage. D20 offers a large 500GB capacity with the USB 3.0 super high speed interface to satisfy users requiring excellent performance for multiple data transfer. The built-in LED status indicator allows users to instantly identify power supply and activity status. It is also a green product as it is equipped with a hibernation mode to save power. SP D20 portable hard drive comes with the SP Widget free download software, providing 7 major back up and security tools and offers a 3 year warranty.