744px-Silicon_Image-Logo.svgSilicon Image (NASDAQ: SIMG), a leading provider of HD connectivity solutions, today announced that it is sponsoring a contest for Android application developers to enable dual screen experiences. The “Dual Screen App Challenge” promotes the creation of games, entertainment and productivity applications that leverage leading mobile-to-display connectivity technologies including MHL® and WirelessHD®. Submissions are now being accepted, and winners will be announced at GDC Europe (Aug. 11-12, 2014 in Cologne, Germany). The total contest prize pool is $100,000.

With an ecosystem of over half a billion MHL-enabled devices and a growing number of WirelessHD products, this contest provides a great opportunity for mobile game developers to showcase their creativity by introducing unique games and other applications for mobile devices when connected to external HD displays.

How to Participate:

Contest Dates – Submissions are open from Monday, March 17, 2014 until Monday, July 21, 2014.

Category – Submissions will be accepted in the following three categories:




Technology – Submissions must showcase MHL or WirelessHD technology use cases between mobile devices and displays.

Other Criteria – Submissions will be judged on the following criteria:

Best use and display of different content and information on dual separate screens

Best use of Silicon Image technologies and features

Innovation & creativity

In addition, the public will be able to vote on all submissions starting on July 21st, at the conclusion of the submission period. The five submissions that get the most public votes will also win prizes. To enter your game/app or for more details about the contest, please visit the contest website at http://siliconimage.challengepost.com. Be sure to follow #mobile2screen for the latest updates on the contest.

“We are very excited to sponsor this contest for Android application developers,” said Jim Chase, chief evangelist and senior director of business development at Silicon Image, Inc. “With the advanced processing and graphics power of the latest generation of mobile processors, smartphones and tablets with MHL and WirelessHD connectivity can enhance traditional mobile applications to enable a truly immersive dual screen, real-time, high quality video experience. These applications will establish a new category of compelling interactive gaming, productivity and home entertainment content for consumers.”

Judging Panel

All games and apps will be reviewed by a team of mobile industry visionaries, including:

Michael Bergen, Senior Business Development Manager, Silicon Image, Inc.

Magnus Ekenheim, Head of Developer Technical Services, Sony Mobile

Mark Murphy, Owner, CommonsWare

Mike Schwartz, Membership Manager, Application Developers Alliance

Neil Trevett, Vice President Mobile Ecosystem, Nvidia

Kristan Uccello, Developer Advocate, Google

Mike Yuen, Senior Director, Snapdragon Gaming, Qualcomm

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