Siemens Home Appliances all set for progress at EuroCucina: Market leader reveals its brand re-shape in the ‘Home for Progress’ Kick-off at EuroCucina 2022 in Milan

Launch of international brand and product campaign, re-launch of corporate design and live communication

The re-shape responds to new international study and societal changes among people in seven countries: 87 percent change views on traditional progress

New oven series iQ700 shows brand’s commitment to technology leadership and sleek design

The newly refreshed brand approach of Siemens Home Appliances was revealed today in Milan at the leading showcase for high-end kitchens: EuroCucina 2022. The introduction addressed the need for a meaningful brand that tackles today’s highly relevant societal topics based on a new perception of ‘progress’. The brand’s re-shape comprises an actualized brand design, including a new brand film and campaign, a retail concept and the premiere of the Siemens iQ700 oven range.

Siemens Home Appliances has sharpened its brand positioning and design as an answer to its high end consumers’ evolving ambitions for a ‘new kind’ of progress as revealed in a recent seven-country research, commissioned by brand Siemens. 87 percent of the respondents stated, that the long-lasting pandemic, a growing concern about climate change and an increasingly visible division of society have caused them to reconsider their priorities and views on progress. More than 70 percent agreed, that humans should live and consume more consciously and avoid over consumption and waste to mitigate the climate crisis. A big majority shared, that they have already started to act on this belief at their own home, changing behavior in topics from over consumption to health and relationships.

The brand reshape is a commitment to more meaningful progress, and the desire to be in the driverseat for a more sustainable future. Intelligent technology of its products with its ever-increasing connectivity is meant to solve a number of issues going well beyond people’s individual lives. “Research tells us, that Siemens consumers are progressive in the way they use the latest technology to elevate their lifestyle and solve everyday problems. With our human-centric, research-based brand focus, we meet consumers right at home with all their daily challenges and enable them to achieve their goals effortlessly,” says Matthias Ginthum, Chief Markets Officer at BSH Home Appliances.

Global re-shape campaign celebrates curiosity of those who drive progress, underlining the leading role of advanced technology

Premiering in all key Siemens markets starting June, 2022, the campaign will be targeted at the demographic described as curious, ambitious and progress seekers with an affinity for the latest technology. “Siemens Home Appliances presents itself more approachable to its target group, closer to what has been important to them during this time of transformation. We want them to know that we share their belief that only ambitions – well-aimed and supported by strong values – have the power to tackle even the most difficult challenges we face today,” believes André Corell, Head of Global Communication Siemens at BSH. It’s the progress seekers that want to take responsibility when it comes to well-being, a lower ecological footprint and a stronger emphasis on meaningful relationships.

The re-shaped brand design centers on a new visual identity system that results in a more dynamic and modern brand appearance. The design has received a boost of color with a deep blue, pure white and the vibrant iconic Siemens petrol. Utilizing the power of typography and imagery the design now reflects the brand’s embrace of progress and future thinking, offering consumers a transformed visual world, which is urban, sleek, active and real, featuring unique, remarkable personalities.

Consumers will be able to experience the new design in all touch points, including over 8500 brand stores, showrooms, flagship stores and shop-in-shops across the world. Along with the brand re-shape Siemens also launches the iQ700 range, as one of the connected appliances in the ‘intelligent kitchen’.

The brand`s media strategy prioritizes direct connections and approachability: the new brand campaign has a special focus on owned channels and social media – Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn. It will reach a broader audience through direct engagement around the brands’ themes progress and curiosity.

Responsible Key Creative Agencies:

Saatchi & Saatchi, Düsseldorf: Creative Campaign

MetaDesign Berlin: Brand Design, Implementation and Rollout

Landor & Fitch, Hamburg: Brand Relaunch Strategy, Brand Design Fundamentals and Experience Principles

Iris Worldwide: Digital Implementation

i-Sekai: PR Strategy and Content

About BSH Hausgeräte GmbH

BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, with a total turnover of some EUR 15.6 billion and 62,000 employees in 2021, is a global leader in the home appliance industry. The company’s brand portfolio includes eleven well-known appliance brands like Bosch, Siemens, Gaggenau and Neff as well as the ecosystem brand Home Connect and service brands like Kitchen Stories. BSH produces at 40 factories and is represented in some 50 countries. BSH is a company of the Bosch Group.

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