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“ShoutMeLoud will help boosting your online presence.”-Mr. Harsh Agrawal,CEO of ShoutMeLoud.

IT Voice:-What is the vision and USP of the company as compared to other players in the same domain?

Mr. Harsh Agrawal:-ShoutMeLoud is a new-era digital learning platform that helps in growing a digital marketer. It is an online platform that makes adaption to a fast-changing online world smooth and effortless. ShoutMeLoud aids in discovering strategies that boost the online presence of any business. ShoutMeLoud aims at urging the new era creators to boost their online presence, thus giving leveraging them to achieve their maximum. It is also a hub of like-minded bloggers giving them the platform to learn “all things digital”.

The biggest USP is the consistency and field-proven case study. The blog is also known for its transparency and the shouters community. The blog gives digital marketing tips for budding bloggers, and small businesses, tips on podcasting, blogging, vlogging to help in improving traffic rate and brand presence.

IT Voice:-What are the changes in policies and strategies, the company has initiated to successfully run this model?

Mr. Harsh Agrawal:-ShoutMeLoud is online since 2008 and has seen the evolution of the digital medium. The blog has all digital needs under one roof related to digital marketing. As there was rapid development in the digital space, the brand was quick enough to adapt to it and implement the same on the blog. ShoutMeLoud then kickstarted educating its audience about trending topics that were then being looked at. 

Founder, Harsh Agrawal also started offering premium content to his audience on a pay per book model. ShoutMeLoud curated the content to be understood by a layman seeking information. The biggest strategy was the originality of the content and providing expert advice to its audience. 

IT Voice:-Businesses are facing a hard time in India, how much has it affected your company?

Mr. Harsh Agrawal:-Currency economic crisis due to the pandemic has not spared any industry, making even the developed nations take a step back in the growth. Digital marketing is one of those few industries that has steady momentum despite the current situation. We have been doing good with the traffic increasing exponentially as a lot of the audience sought upskilling while laying back at home. We suggest all businesses develop a short-term strategy to see how the market would react to it. Collaborations were also an important factor in maintaining a brand presence. 

IT Voice:-What are the expected expansions?

Mr. Harsh Agrawal:-Our primary focus is on scaling up the manpower. Our team has been growing, we would be happy to have a few more like-minded resources to join our community. We are also looking at doubling our current Social Media Marketing plans to reach more sets of audiences. Although this would mean increasing the spending on social media tools, we are aiming at creating top of the mind awareness about our offering and the brand as a whole. 

IT Voice:-What is the company’s client base?

Mr. Harsh Agrawal:-Our existing client base includes a plethora of digital marketing and tech companies that are primarily useful for business growth like SEMrush, SocialPilot, Bluehost,  Convertkit, TubeBuddy, Camtasia, Google apps for work and many more. 

Is the company planning any major collaboration, if any name it?

Mr. Harsh Agrawal:-They say collaboration makes us better. We have collaborated with plenty of marketing companies as we look at the larger picture and to be able to provide access to the best digital marketing tools for our Shout University like SEMrush, Social Pilot, etc to name a few. We’re also in talks with more brands and website owners that have enabled bloggers and content curators to grow their online businesses.

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