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Several new Macs coming at WWDC next week – Mark Gruman

Source: 9to5Mac

Apple’s highly anticipated annual developer’s conference, WWDC, is set to commence on June 5th. Tech enthusiasts can look forward to exciting announcements, including the unveiling of Apple’s AR/VR headset and the latest versions of the company’s operating systems for various devices like smartphones, tablets, computers, and smartwatches.

However, the intrigue doesn’t stop there. According to Mark Gurman, a reputable source on all things Apple, we can expect more than just the 15″ MacBook Air with the M2 chipset. Gurman hints at the introduction of “several new Macs,” suggesting a wider range of options for consumers.

Although Macs equipped with the M3 platform are slated for a later release this year, the new MacBook Air will feature the M2 chip, providing users with enhanced performance. Additionally, Apple might surprise us with a new Mac Pro computer boasting the M2 Ultra chip, promising unparalleled CPU capabilities. While the likelihood of a new iMac all-in-one desktop is uncertain, there are whispers of a potential Mac Studio with the M2 chip.

The highly anticipated keynote is scheduled to kick off at 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern, and it’s expected that Apple will provide a live stream for enthusiasts to tune in. We’ll be closely following the event and will be ready to deliver a comprehensive report once all the official details are revealed. Stay tuned for the latest updates!

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