“Serve the Unserved & the UnderServed.”- Mr.Chandan Ghosh,.Co-Founder of Grupo Mañana International. – IT Voice | Online IT Media

“Serve the Unserved & the UnderServed.”- Mr.Chandan Ghosh,.Co-Founder of Grupo Mañana International.

Mr.Chandan Ghosh,.Co-Founder of Grupo Mañana International

An exclusive interview with IT.Voice Mr.Chandan Ghosh,.Co-Founder of Grupo Mañana International,reveals his strategies for business in India.

Nisha Harshwal:-Tell something in Detail about your company write from 1st day till Today?

Chandan Ghosh:-Our company came later, first came the idea that I did not want to retire and hang my boots, I had already worked for 35 years in the industry amassed a network and friendship with huge contacts of Very influential colleagues globally. Also learnt, so much it would be a waste, if I’d retire and let everything fade away into a natural death, hence had the idea that I would mentor an organisation run by very competent young enthusiastic professionals. Who were passionate to build something new and innovative for the future! We played with the idea to find a problem that we wanted to solve that people face, a few glaring issues looked up at us, we found that the maximum need for service was amongst the poor class who were generally Unserved. Also, the wealthy who pay premium prices for all their services generally receive less then what they pay for hence they are underserved! We coined our phrase if “Serve the Unserved & the UnderServed” Since we wanted to work with Futuristic solutions to today’s problems we named our company Mañana Meaning Tomorrow in Spanish. 

After addressing the problem, the name we decided to do what we did best with a difference and started a telecom company and registered our company in Singapore and set up a switch to establish a network to connect with other Telecom Companies globally. We set up our network in the USA and connecting with telcos Globally. To do long Distance Carrier Services for which we obtained a SBO license from the Singaporean regulator. 

Nisha Harshwal:-What is the word “The Network” means for your company?

Chandan Ghosh:-Every company or business has a core strength, for us, our connections with our Partners, Vendors, Suppliers, Customers happens on a platform which is a Soft Switch Hosted in a Carrier Hotel Data Center in Los Angeles in USA. This enables us to conduct our. Thank Dinesh with 1000s of entities that are telecom companies. This is the Network! Where every partner meets to do business with us. 

 Nisha Harshwal:-How do your business position in Last 2 quarters of  this Financial Year?

Chandan Ghosh:-Our Business was commenced in April 2014, for the initial 6 months we were building up to grow and this period was loss making however from October 2014 onwards till mid 2016, we were doing well. Then the business became a bit sluggish. The worst was seen that most of our clients were affected and hence our revenues dropped since demonetisation in November 2016. We have worked very hard for the past 1 quarter and we need to now continue for a couple of more quarter, we are infusing More funds for the turnaround of Mañana Innovations and we are Committed to grow to USD 50 Million from our current situation of USD 3Million. 


Nisha Harshwal:-Explain us in brief what sort of innovative telecom solution you are providing for Indian who is going abroad?

Chandan Ghosh:-The Roaming Solutions & Services industry in India is a $3.5Billion / Year industry. We have by design or design destroyed this opportunity and more than 50% of this has migrated overseas. The balance of what still with Indians companies primarily with the Telecom GSM Companies and a few Roaming SIM resellers sell SIMs to international travellers. Unfortunately, even before this industry reached it’s peak it has plateaued out. We at Mañana Mobile also started with the same intention to carve a niche for us. We also ended up like every other guy with the conventional, soon to realise that we need to change our strategy and decided that we shall deliver Vee our roaming solutions over the air(OTA) to all our customers. Thus the birth and transformation of Mañana Mobile to MañanaTalk emerged! Today MañanaTalk is on the threshold to be launched in 1 million phones. The growth & revenue potential of this move is US$102. This will bring the marriage of Voice & Data with Roaming ability in more than 100 countries SIMLessly Seamlessly! We shall integrate this with Payment transfer, Top-Up Transfer, Balance Donation, and several unavailable & unheard features. 


Nisha Harshwal:- Whom do you consider as biggest competitor in Indian as well as global? Market and Why?

Chandan Ghosh:-When we think of the word competition we think if our likes and that may cause our growth to suffer. However, our biggest competitor in my opinion in the Indian space is Jio and global space is Google. But the fun part is we are invisible to them as we are do small and will certainly find a nook or cranny to survive and grow till we can make ourselves to be visible to them to be considered a fitting adversary or a value adding partner to their services. 

Nisha Harshwal:-Product which you are giving to Telecom Industry which is most “Hot Cake” product you think & why?

Chandan Ghosh:-We shall finally carry all voice & Internet for free for our customers, next, we shall give money to people who use our services. By then with our own R&D we shall have launched MañanaLife! 

Nisha Harshwal:-What is the future plan of your company to grow in Indian and as well?As well as global market?

Chandan Ghosh:-India is a country of great people with immense thirst for new and innovative products & services, however, we have To learn to dance with the elephant as all our policies and regulations are archaic copied from British Raj. Our future plans is to keep doing business, and move to easier geographies that supports and enables business than restricts growth in the name of law and regulations. We shall become a truly Blue Blooded MNC with our operations also in India. 

Nisha Harshwal:-How will you manage “HD Cloud Based Telephony Service“your Client To? Call overseas at Fractional cost with good quality of service?

Chandan Ghosh:-When we speak about fractional Cost, it’s above real cost to serve but lower than what every other Operators are charging currently, if you recollect the recent offerings made by Jio they have broken all price barriers as in comparison to all existing price points made by Indian Telcos. Is Jio serving at losses, no, nor shall we. 

Nisha Harshwal:-How do you think Cloud Based market in India?

Chandan Ghosh:-India is not behind anyplace as far as technology is concerned, we are upfront in Cloud Computing, Big Data, IoT, Digitization, virtualisation, the problem is in funding in india for real large projects! India will lead the innovation storm of Disruption and we are working on this agenda. 

Nisha Harshwal:-Lastly Tell us something How “GST” is going to Match your Business?

Chandan Ghosh:-We will have to be compliant to all government levies and taxes, but for the country to be ahead in the global markets we have to compete against China, Philippines, Ukraine and Bangladesh is coming up very fast! We cannot think we can lie on our backs and make political decisions but support business to complete in global markets, GST has to enable businessmen to do business and not keep them busy managing GST compliances.