, fitness startup launches e-store for Covid-19 Essentials, an IOT based health and fitness app in India has announced the launch of an e-store offering Covid-19 essentials and personal protective gears to meet the surge in demand during the outbreak of the global coronavirus crisis.

Launched with an idea to reduce the risk of viral transmission, the store makes it convenient for the customers to order the products while staying indoors. It ensures availability and safety while delivering it to their doorstep.

Commenting on the launch, Mr.Atul Kapoor, Founder, said” Now since the unlock is happening across nation and people are resuming work now it’s the time to take extra safety measures with protecting themselves and boosting their immunity. We have made sure of the quality of products and are made in India.” e-store witnesses the need for modern personal protective gear. It features a wide range of products including Oximeter, Masks, Gloves, Coverall suits, Surgical gowns, Hand- sanitizers, Air spray, Automatic sanitizer disposer, Electrolysis spray, Face shield, PPE kit, Immunity booster, etc. To make it extremely easy for the customers, the store promises to deliver the order at their doorstep even during the Coronavirus crisis.

The products can be ordered from its user-friendly mobile app/website: which ensures seamless purchase and quick delivery.

The Covid-19 essentials are significantly high in demand and there is a huge supply and demand gap due to movement restrictions in containment areas. The store strives to reduce the gap and boosts the implementation of safety measures. is a data-driven app backed by innovative technology. It acts quickly to safeguard the healthcare of India. Its holistic approach to transforming family healthcare includes easy indoor physical activities, healthy meal plans, and accessibility of primary care on a single app.

Moreover, it works on a freemium model while its premium gives access to personalized and customized diet plans, nutritionists, and coaches to improve the overall healthcare experience of its users.

The application endeavors to enhance the user- experience with more convenient, innovative, and useful products along with the expansion of their business to Southeast Asia, Asia Pacific, and other overseas regions.