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Seamless Blockchain Conference 2024 to Transform Jaipur with Leading Blockchain Innovations

After a two-day hackathon last week, Formidium continued their efforts to promote blockchain awareness by hosting their inaugural Seamless Blockchain Conference in Jaipur this past Saturday.

Seamless Blockchain Jaipur 2024 aimed to revolutionize Jaipur with cutting-edge blockchain innovations. Held on June 29 at the Rajasthan International Centre, the flagship event organized by Formidium drew distinguished figures from the fintech industry, blockchain enthusiasts, and technology innovators worldwide. Together, they explored the latest advancements and practical applications of blockchain technology.

The conference’s mission was to foster collaboration, facilitate knowledge exchange, and enhance networking among professionals overseeing blockchain projects. Attendees gained new insights into blockchain applications, decentralized finance (DeFi), regulatory trends, and technological advancements through a meticulously planned agenda.

The event commenced with keynote speeches by industry experts such as Mr. Sushil Agarwal, former CEO and founder of Aavas Financiers, and Mr. Mahim Gupta, Founder and CEO of Liminal, emphasizing blockchain’s significance and applications in the financial sector.

Global panelists, including Mr. Kiran Deshpande, former CEO of Tech Mahindra and founder of Mojo Networks, and Mr. Pranav Sharma, founder of Agna and Woodstock, shared perspectives on blockchain as an investment opportunity. Panel discussions covered diverse topics including blockchain’s impact on HR, marketing, operations, and tokenization of real-world assets, offering fresh insights into how blockchain is reshaping the future.

Panelists stressed the importance of regulatory frameworks to build trust within the community and delved into the nuanced differences between cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

A press conference held during the event showcased Formidium’s leadership, who expressed their satisfaction with the turnout and the blockchain developments not only in Jaipur but throughout Rajasthan. They underscored the need for developing a skilled talent pool to sustain technological advancements.

Key figures from Formidium, including Co-Founder & CSO Manish Agrawal, Co-Founder & COO Nitin Somani, CTO Rakesh Kumar, Co-Founder & CGO Shalin Madan, CRO Mandar Mhatre, CMO John Manley, and Head of Fund Admin Chris Meader, highlighted their commitment to expanding the blockchain ecosystem and announced plans for future Seamless Blockchain conferences globally.

Formidium, a global fund administrator powered by the proprietary Seamless software platform, offers best-in-class, cost-efficient solutions to traditional and alternative investment fund management communities.

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