Infraon SecuRA A Zero Trust Remote Access, Authorization & Security System Powers Real-Time Cognition, Detection & Response – Satish Kumar, EverestIMS Technologies Full Interview

Satish Kumar V, CEO of EverestIMS Technologies

Satish Kumar V, CEO of EverestIMS Technologies

Infraon SecuRA is a Zero Trust Remote Access, Authorization & Security System that Powers Real-Time Cognition, Detection & Response, said Mr.Satish Kumar V, CEO of EverestIMS Technologies in an exclusive interview with IT-Voice. He spared time to answer questions covering various topics related to the industry. Here is an excerpt from the interview.

Prateek: COVID-19 has affected every nook and cranny in the world. How EverestIMS handled the challenges posed by the situation?

Satish Kumar: The first and most important thing that we did was to take an “employee-first” approach where we ensured that our employees were safe, sound, and fine across all fronts. They had to deal with uncertainty and personal issues – we had to make sure that they were well taken care of in terms of setting them up to work from home, proper schedules that did not affect personal life, and a strong team support system. Any form of business continuity is heavily dependent on employees being enabled and empowered. To achieve this, we created a two-point plan that we had to work on simultaneously. The first was the internal front mentioned earlier where we had to realign our workforce, retool our work practices and design a new system of ensuring that we were effective and efficient across the board. This was also to ensure that our ecosystem did not experience any blips. The second was from our customers’ and partners’ perspectives. We provided them with tools that kept their IT backbones up and running without issue. Often, without physical access to infrastructure, even the best engineers face severe challenges. Our products gave them the power to manage, monitor, and mitigate any issue within the blink of an eye and sometimes predicated the problem even before it reached a red flag level. The result has seen them go from reactive to proactive and we are happy to have played a significant role in this transformation.

Prateek: How do you cater to the needs of different clients with unique business models?

Satish Kumar: Different clients with completely different needs don’t deter us. Our products are uniquely designed to be modular but effectively work us an integrated system also. This means that we can cater to a focussed need as well as expanded requirements to any depth and scale. This gives us a unique model of being able to upsell other related systems once we make an entry into an account. Our partners have taken good advantage of these and have increased licenses as well along with new product consumption. We enable this only because we possess a powerful array of products that can cater to most enterprise needs which start at the largest countrywide distributed infrastructure to a little alert that tells an engineer something is down. Whether it is Telecom, Enterprise, SME, BFSI, Government, or any vertical, we can ensure that all needs are met. Our suite possesses a 360-degree perspective while at the same time being modular in nature.

Prateek: Cloud Computing, AI, IoT, etc. are some trends that will dominate the coming time. How can these help organizations increase efficiency?

Satish Kumar: Cloud computing has changed the way software is delivered. Saas Models are a case in point. Customers can now consume software in much more convenient ways than before. The Cloud has become one of the most crucial technology shifts that many companies encounter. It offers adopters the benefits of agility, scale, and favorable economics. It is the foundation for a new agile business world. Cloud-based infrastructure has become critical for delivering on-demand access. It offers enterprises the flexibility to scale their infrastructure to exactly match their needs and shifting business priorities. When paired with AI and IoT, the cloud becomes a powerful tool for transformation and inventiveness.

AI has added a layer of “deep intelligence” to data scrutiny. Volumes of data are analyzed by these engines who apply specific context to them to understand behavioral patterns pertaining to networks and infrastructure entities that work in unison. The result is that businesses become aware of inefficiencies in the system, issues that can be addressed, and positives that can be enhanced for increasing adeptness and efficiencies. Where AI really shines today is marshaling companies from being reactive to proactive to being predictive. This is the next level of transformation, where AI can actually uncover potential risks and issues while at the same time identifying opportunities for your organization to elevate itself.

Prateek: A very few percentages of the spending is credited to cybersecurity in India. What should be the ideal approach and how EverestIMS help its clients in handling the cybersecurity challenges effectively?

Satish Kumar: We are currently in the I&O space where we don’t address security specifically as a singular offering. However, we have recently launched products – Infraon SecuRA and Log Management that address Remote Security since it is becoming a major issue with many companies.

Prateek: Tell us about the latest product of EverestIMS that has maximum traction in the country.

Satish Kumar: Our offering is known as the Infraon Suite which crystalizes the term ‘Infrastructure Online’ – translating into IT becoming a key driver of business. The Infraon Suite targets, Enterprises, Telecom, Governments, and other verticals. It is a tool that can be used by businesses across any industry vertical with a single or multi-location presence.

Our latest offering Infraon SecuRA is a Zero Trust Remote Access, Authorization & Security System that powers real-time Cognition, Detection & Response. Infraon SecuRA offers users a multi-pronged approach to “Remote Security and Access” with a base concept of every user entering into the network has to identify himself and uniquely explain why and how he needs to access a system. Infraon SecuRA gives them exhaustive and complete control over their IT infrastructure, no matter how complex and distributed. Infraon SecuRA offers enterprises the approach of creating the essential layer between the users (end terminal) and the network devices and servers. Infraon SecuRA has been seeing great traction amongst a host of industries and we are very excited to bring this multi-faceted product to the market.

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