January 19, 2021

SATATYA SAMAS- Enterprise Video Management Software

SATATYA SAMAS is a reliable Video Management Solution suitable Matrix-SATATYA-SAMAS-6for large organizations spread across multiple locations. SATATYA SAMAS provides organizations the flexibility, scalability and modularity that they expect from a Video Management Software.

Matrix SATATYA SAMAS is a modular, flexible and fault-tolerant solution for multi-location organizations by providing easy monitoring, simplified management, multiple connectivity options, quick retrieval and smart storage of data for all the locations. Devices installed at the multiple locations can be connected to separate Recording Servers which then are connected to a Single Management Server. The monitoring of these multiple sites can be done through the various modes like Smart Client, Mobile Application and Multi-monitor Application. The Security Officer can monitor the most essential locations by selecting those cameras and viewing them together on a single monitoring screen. These security officials can be allocated locally as well as centrally for providing a dual layer for enhanced security.

• All-in-One Centralized Management and Monitoring of 1 Lakh Cameras
• Video Analytics like Motion Detection, Missing Object, Intrusion Detection, View Tamper
• Live Monitoring on Multiple Devices Simultaneously
• Real-time Notification via SMS and Email with Snapshot
• Database Level Integration with Access Control
• Simultaneous Login of Multiple Users with Different User Modes like PC, Mobiles, Tablets