Expect Improvement In Organic Traffic With The SEO & Searchability Features Of Document360 – Saravana Kumar, Kovai.co Full Interview

Mr.Saravana Kumar, Founder, and CEO of Kovai.co

Mr.Saravana Kumar, Founder, and CEO of Kovai.co

Mr.Saravana Kumar, Founder, and CEO of Kovai.co discussed the future of knowledge base platforms like Document360 in the education sector and many other topics. Here is an excerpt from the exclusive interview:

Prateek: How Document360 could be integrated into the education sector?

Saravana Kumar: The effectiveness of an online Knowledge Base is well-known in the business world. However, within the education space, the advantages of a Knowledge Base are less known. A Knowledge Base is a versatile software that can be used for a variety of applications. Especially considering the current environment where COVID-19 is impacting all our lives, education is increasingly moving online.

An education Knowledge Base has several advantages. One, students can access learning content anytime, anywhere, if they have an internet connection. This better facilitates learning at home.

Knowledge Base content can be easily updated, so when you have new learning materials to upload you simply create a new page in the Content Management System (CMS). Older content can quickly be edited to bring it up to speed.

A Knowledge Base can drastically reduce the turnaround time when a student needs guidance from teachers since everything is already available online. Teachers have more time to devote to other tasks or help those students who might be struggling.

You can restrict access to your Knowledge Base, so only those pupils who you want to see the content will be able to. You can require a login from your students.

Prateek: How Document360 can help companies in transforming their knowledge base given the growing trend of work from home?

Saravana Kumar: Document360 as a knowledge management tool helps companies to cope with these challenging times on working remote (WFH). One of the biggest challenges companies face is the key information like processes, procedures, and policies that are not kept in a central location and are not accessible to all employees. For example, SOP’s, Business Continuity plan, IT asset usage policy, HR policy, etc. to name a few. Document360 can help customers with two main use cases. You can use Document360 to build

  • Public-facing online Knowledge Bases (and/or)
    • During these challenging times where we are trying to cope with the wellbeing and safety of our employees, it’s also essential to support our customers promptly. A lack of support might affect our customers (and in turn their customers) inadvertently and will have a ripple effect on everyone.
  • Private internal Knowledge Bases
    • One of the major challenges faced by companies is the scattered internal company knowledge. With a flick of a button, you can convert your Knowledge Base into a complete private knowledge base making it secure. To access the content, your internal employees need to log in to the Knowledge Base first.

Prateek: Many companies fear losing their SEO traffic during the migration of information from legacy knowledge systems. How Document360 ensure they don’t lose any SEO traffic?

Saravana Kumar: Document360’s migration process combines the philosophies of automatic import with expert personal guidance. Users do not need to export a CSV file. Instead, they just need to provide the old Knowledge Base link and the support team will help them through the process from start to finish. The Document360 team will ensure that all the URLs are redirected to new URLs so the websites don’t lose any traffic.

Document360 has a ‘Link analytics’ feature that helps to find out the broken links and helps to fix any 404 errors.

With Document360, there is an improvement rather than a drop in organic traffic due to its SEO & searchability features.

Prateek: How did the pandemic affect the organization? What policies did Kovai adapt to cope with the situation?

Saravana Kumar: The pandemic has in general been challenging for all businesses across the globe. Kovai.co as a company has always embraced new technologies that are useful for the business. For instance, we started using MS Teams almost 4 years back and all our internal communication has been routed through it; thereby reducing the number of internal emails going back and forth.

Even demo calls with our prospective leads have been done primarily using MS Teams and zoom. Our CEO and majority of our leadership team are based out of UK from the beginning and they have been literally running the company remotely for the last 10 years. Hence moving all our employees to the WFH model was smooth for us.

Prateek: Are there any futuristic products lined up for the launch?

Saravana Kumar: Yes, we are working on new products which would be futuristic in nature adapting to the latest happenings in the industry.

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