SapphireIMS BizOne Provides Holistic Solution for SMBs

sapphire_logoSapphireIMS, one of the leading providers of end-to-end IT Service Management solutions, announced the launch of SapphireIMS BizOne. SapphireIMS BizOne is targeted at the SMB segment across industry verticals. BizOne helps in aligning the processes to business strategy and make the organization’s workflow more effective and efficient, by reducing human error and miscommunication. BizOne also helps in delivering value to the customer and increase growth and profitability of the organization.

BizOne has built-in workflows for managing the essential processes of “opportunity to order”, “order to cash” and “customer care” in an organization, through sales CRM, order fulfillment and support desk modules. Each process can be modeled with corresponding workflows, metrics defined and process efficiencies measured. BizOne also allows access control and approval mechanisms. The dashboards provide real time visibility into status of cases and alerts are raised if timelines are getting breached. BizOne is available as a mobile application for use by field force in sales or support.

Key features of SapphireIMS BizOne

  • The Sales CRM solution enables management of the sales life cycle. Contacts, accounts, leads, opportunities and contracts are some key elements of the life cycle which can be managed. The system can also capture status and monitor the progress of opportunities and provide reminders for follow ups or overdue items.
  • The Order Fulfillment module seamlessly integrates into the sales system. Upon winning an order and the fulfillment of the order can be tracked and managed. This includes fulfillment of both product delivery as well as services which form part of the order.The system can report status of delivery and overdue deliveries. The system can also monitor the receivable status including overdue payments.
  • The Support module has a helpdesk function where incidents and service requests can be raised. There are workflows for managing the closure of calls. Starting from procurement of assets to their disposal, SapphireIMS has the capability to track the asset and its utilization.

Shafi AhamedCEO and Co-Founder at SapphireIMS said, “SapphireIMS BizOne is a complete solution for SMBs. It has built in workflows to manage the sales CRM process. Various reports like forecast reports, pipeline, orders, sales analysis, sales commission, partner performance and budget tracking are available in this tool. Order fulfillment module manages the entire process related to an order.The system can also track and report cost information. This application is also available on mobile and cloud.”